“On Days Like These" by Matt Munroe for "The Italian Job". 1969. The love of my life were my fantasy/sci-fi paintings of my imagined Donna Darkwolf.
I could not have imagined, then, at Seventeen, that I would be dancing around my lounge in 2009 married to "The Real Deal" of Donna Darkwolf.

Pagan Priestess Donna Darkwolf in her Jungle Garden

"It Is True - We Do Only Have Each Other". (Actually, her personal, private banana plantation)

from:  Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
to:  moreno franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com
date:  Sep 15, 2016, 5:12 AM
subject:  morning my franco

As you SO love to say...... "when the shit starts, each other is all we're going to have!"

It is true we do only have each other. Never let me go. 
I want to get out into the country and breathe sea air.
Can u give me some kind of assurance you will pay attention to me, my lovely minion?

on days like these I want to listen to my Wolf purr, growl and race
I love my Wolf as much as i love u
after all he is one of us. my precious Wolf.
and listen to my loverly minion telling me he loves me

I have started my BOOK!!!! "The Seeds of Madness". The muse has visited me finally. I will write it as fast as the other one – 3 months . i have been at it since midnite to now – 5am. Its 2400 words – the intro. I will ask peter to edit it. Then I will contact marlene from struik (after I can stop my embarrassment of being euphoric and drunk abt such controversial and sanative view to her Muslim assistant who is anti suicide). This is supped to be a ‘pitch’, a precis. That’s what they want. I cant do it in 500 words. I am aware that 2400 words is too long. I will see what I can do. prehaps you can help me.

I will NOT MAKE any money out of this as I will be dead. Whatever royalties are due to me come to u. it will be a tricky and most unusual contract. My end will be written posthumously by Angela.

It is an Indian Restaurant - so the Donna Darkwolf selects EXACTLY the right dress for the menu she already has in mind.

Birthday Suit Would Be First Prize - But I will Settle

It is ironic that I see this new shrink today after this inspiration. Perhaps he will dampen my enthusiasm I don’t know.
But then u know me. probably go ballistic. as the UNSTOPPABLE u call me.

Fetch me my franco . bring our precious WOLF to Groote Schoor. I want you and i want a curry at the Vintage. i dont care in what order. preferrably together. and then we can decide where to drive the wolf for lunch this week end

i'll be at the circle. I want to go home and get dressed. I know you prefer my birthday suit as first prize - but its so cold...LOL!

your (hungry for you) donna ragazza mia.

please bring me a chocolate. thanks xxxxxxx

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Extremely Jollee Good. Chicken Curry Vidaloo!