Donna Darkwolf plays my heart

“Lets Take a Spin" by Illuminaries.  And Ecstasy in Donna - The Girl Who Plays My Heart. I couldn't resist creating this piece of art.
"Dance Me to Your Beauty with a Burning Violin -
Dance Me to the End of Love..."

( Leonard Cohen )

Donna Darkwolf and Giant Prawns for Sunday Lunch?

Lets Take a Spin...

from:  Donna
to:  Franco,
moreno franco
date:  Jun 22, 2017, 12:10 AM
subject:  cant change a personality, lets take a spin

technically these should be our/my happiest last few days. I am not a nice person sometimes and it can’t change in 2 weeks. but i can try.

anyway u look good. unless it’s one hell of a disguise. but it can’t be. one can’t disguise real furrowed brows.
anyway I am sure when I am gone some of those wrinkles will be reversed.

as for my phone - it takes great photos. there is one I like there. so we can talk abt USB port and watnot later.

Lets take a spin. how about the Portuguese restaurant at waterfront on Sunday?
how about those giant prawns!!!

I want you and precious wolf to take me for a long drive first through houtbay along the coast road.

your little mermaid wants to see the sea - and listen to wolf sing

it always makes me happy to see you happy and taking pictures of me :D
and to hear you tell me how much you love me
not that i am vain :D
your only bella donna ragazza

from: Franco
to:  Donna
date:  Jun 22, 2017, 09:14 AM
subject:  RE: cant change a personality, lets take a spin

Buon Giorno - Donna Ragazza Mia!
Once again, thank you for a wonderful day yesterday Here is a thought I want to share with you:

Where Love comes from – we can never know. Where it goes to is a choice we make.
And when we make it we set our standard, choose our path and set our course.
For that choice is the load we must bear – Even if it kills us.

I would rather one day with you my Donna Corazon, and a swift death,
than lingering without you for one thousand years.
I choose one day.

So see here, Oh Shiney Wife of mine - I dont want to wait for Sunday. We will do Sunday.
But how about lunch on Saturday? Simon's in Constantia. Or Fisherman's Wharf in Hout Bay. You Pick!

And I will have the WOLF at your door at 12 sharp.
As usual, Look Pretty! Bring Appetite! And I will hold your hands, while your eyes play games with mine...

Hasta Banana! Baby!
Here... Enjoy your MINIONS! (and I sent Donna this Minion attachment to cheer her up)

The Minions Misbehaving

"Que O!!? Que Mana Partee???

"La cachita banana malaka!??" says the Minion in the White Helmet. Which is me. By Donna's reasoning... the Guy who is IN CHARGE