Donna Darkwolf at Cape Town Airport

“Et Si Tu N'exitais Pas" - by Joe Dassin. Donna Darkwolf at Cape Town International Airport.
Donna wrote me: "I am so grateful that you exist".

I responded with these words and a link to the song playing now...

to: Donna
date: Apr 13, 2016, 9:17 AM
subject: And What If You Didn't Exist...

My Only Love and Beautiful Friend

If you did not exist - I would have to invent you, Mia Bella Donna Strega.

Et Si Tu N'exitais Pas, Donna Darkwolf

Joe Dassin

Et si tu n'existais pas
Dis-moi pourquoi j'existerais?
Pour traîner dans un monde sans toi
Sans espoir et sans regrets

Et si tu n'existais pas
J'essaierais d'inventer l'amour
Comme un peintre qui voit sous ses doigts
Naître les couleurs du jour
Et qui n'en revient pas

Et si tu n'existais pas
Dis-moi pour qui j'existerais?
Des passantes endormies dans mes bras
Que je n'aimerai jamais

Et si tu n'existais pas
Je ne serais qu'un point de plus
Dans ce monde qui vient et qui va
Je me sentirais perdu
v J'aurais besoin de toi

Et si tu n'existais pas
Dis-moi comment j'existerais?
Je pourrais faire semblant d'être moi
Mais je ne serais pas vrai

Et si tu n'existais pas
Je pense que je trouverais
Le secret de la vie, la raison pour laquelle
Simplement pour vous créer
Et tu regarder

And If You Didn't Exist?

Joe Dassin

And if you didn't exist
Tell me, why should I exist?
To hang about in a world without you
Without hope, without regret?

And if you didn't exist
I would try to invent love
Like a painter who makes the colors
Of the day come to life with his own hands
And cannot believe it

And if you didn't exist
Tell me, who would I exist for?
The passers-by asleep in my arms
Who I could never love?

And if you didn't exist
I would only be one more speck
In this world who would come and go
I would feel lost
I would be in need of you

And if you didn't exist
Tell me, how could I exist?
I could make some semblance of myself
But I wouldn't be real

And if YOU didn't exist
I think I would find
The secret of life, the reason why
Simply to create you
And to look upon you

To which The Donna Darkwolf, cheerfully replied:
"This is why I love u. All the more reason for u to take us to Vintage India tonite. We need a curry.
I will reserve our special table with doctor john. Wolf at my door at 7. I want to hear u tell me you love me in your gravelly sexy voice.
While I hold your hands and look in to your eyes again".

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Donna was full of surprises, right to the end: This is the card she left for our 10th Anniversary, which was 3 months after she marched into The Undiscovered Country.