Donna Darkwolf - Compelling Beauty

“Conversations with Donna" by Unknown. My Compelling Beauty. Donna Darkwolf lunching at La Petite Colombe Restaurant in Franschhoek.

Donna swirls into the kitchen - where I am busy with sunday lunch. Changes the music. . . "Something for Our Sunday Lunch!"
Takes my hand, saying: "I Vhant too Dhaance! Dance me!"
Resistance Is Futile! Turn down pan. Lay down spoon... quick gulp of wine...
And Compelling Beauty dances me out of the kitchen, onto the patio.

The fragrance of her space-black hair fills my senses - in the sunlight.
My Shiny Wife ensorcells me - Wants to be ensorcelled by me.

'Conversation & Scientific Methodone' by Donna Darkwolf

from:  Donna
to: moreno franco
date: Mar 15, 2008, 15:31 PM
subject: Conversation & Scientific Methodone

I am so excited. Cindi and I went to the Flight Center this morning so that I could pick up my ticket.
I am flying out on Sunday 30th. So bring WOLF to the airport to collect your Shiny Wife, and take her for lunch in Franchoek or Stellenbosch.
One last lunch in the wine-country side with my beautiful soldier.

All your furniture will be here Saturday before I leave - and I will have your office all furnished out.
And I am thinking - why stay at the Sea Point B&B. Get us a B&B in the winelands.
I would love that - rather than me staying in Sea Point. I hate Sea Point - even for the one night I will be there.
The winelands is also a good choice because then we are out of the city - and when we get on the road Mon morning,
We wont have to deal with city traffic - and we can get an early

Fuk! I love You. I am going CRAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! For Yoooooooooooooooooo!

Anyway - here are some Musings... Enjoy! X


A milieu I love….
Supple sentences with first and second meanings, and others beyond.
Outrageous challenges with cleverly planned slip-points, rebuttals with elegant brevity;
deceptions and guiles, patent explanations of the obvious, fleeting allusions to the unthinkable…..
As a preliminary, the conversationalist must gauge the mood, the intelligence and the verbal faculty of the company.

To this end a few words of pedantic exposition often prove invaluable. 
“By an axiom of cultural anthropology, the more isolated a community, the more idiosyncratic become its customs and conventions”.
This of course is not necessarily disadvantageous.

On the other hand, consider a person such as myself: a rootless wanderer, a cosmopolitan.
Such a person tends to flexibility; she adapts herself to her surroundings without qualms or misgivings.
His / Her baggage of conventions is simple and natural, the lowest common denominator of their experience.
Evincing a kind of universal culture which will serve them anywhere.

I make no virtue of this flexibility, except to suggest that it is more comfortable to travel with, than with a set of conventions, which if jostled, work emotional strains upon those who espouse them.

If everything depended upon the quality of ones conventions we would have to examine the so-called quality for its usefulness.  

Over complicated, over strict conventions limit a persons life options – much like religious conventions.
They confine a persons mind and stunt their perceptions.
Why should we even consider a limit to the possibilities to this, our one and single life.
I am not always right – but sometimes I am.
Perhaps right in terms of “What is right for me”,  in terms of the ends I am trying to achieve.
However, in order to be successful, I have to so arrange events that others will be on my side to share my vision of what is up ahead for us.
So as they may be prepared to share the same idea and the task required to achieve and realize that Idea.

Which is not always easy. They have to be seduced into believing it – with me.

“In a given set of circumstances – and within a given program of events with a set of architecture and environment whose parameters are known: by proceeding logically, one will observe the development of a pattern, emerging from the seemingly unconnected data.
The pattern will have three answers of varying degrees of success.
Success. Failure. Dissolution”.

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Donna Darkwolf - La Belle Parisienne

Donna Darkwolf - La Belle Parisienne