The Donna Darkwolf, The Surveyor
                  of Eternity

“O Mio Babbino Caro" by Angela Gheorghiu - Donna Darkwolf, The Surveyor of Eternity

Another of Donna Darkwolf's beloved Sunday morning loud-enough-to-hear-across-the-garden songs.
We had just awoken... gotten coffee and were sitting out on our patio. On a Sunday morning.
I made her get her white robe and gave her her cello, saying: "I'm gonna Make an Angel Out Of You. Donna Mia! LOOK AVENGING! ICY!"
And Voila!
Donna Darkwolf is not just 'A Piece of Work!'
She is 'A Work Of Art!'.
I REALLY HAVE a Sunday Morning Angel...

"Donna Darkwolf Will Be Your Angel..."

from:  Donna
to:  moreno franco
date:  Oct 2, 2016, 11:01 PM
subject:  gdnite my franco

It feels so weird wearing this ring. So right. God knows why I went for such a bling ring when all I really wanted was a simple solitaire.

But I suppose if some people read this they would say I am playing mind games.

Thankyou for today. It was lovely getting fresh air and so on. I did better than expected with all the people around.

But yes I think u and I r passed all of that now. Much better to stay in our own places. (not u and me in another place, but just being at home, safe).

When I am gone u wont change . I know it. I used to think you were stubborn until I realized that you were operating on a program you could not change from
u might have left the Army - but the Army never left u.
which maybe explains why i was attracted to you, my beautiful soldier.

Like me. Our training does that

That is why we are not people.

took me time to learn becs I seen sooooo much stupidity

i never imagined a YOU to get so close to my heart with a knife, just to protect me.

and hold and keep me.

i never imagined that my last days I would have my own soldier
making me into a soldier
make me be as brave as I imagine I am

Just a Witch and a Soldier

All I know is FUK it u are sexy. Hard to believe that those photos are/were u. Like me – hard to believe that beautiful person is me .

Its terrible this age thing. Terrible. There is no lesson to be learned from ageing till decrepitude. No value in suffering humiliating vulnerability.

Anyway my franco. This little apartment is looking like a little palace, with the flowers and the plants and my lovely chair and so on.
And I have u to thank for that.

People will never understand our relationship.

Franco my parents didnt bring me up to waste my life.

And I tell u they were brave, very brave. They now serve as my inspiration and I too must be brave.

as YOU make me every day. The Alert Pilot!

There can be nothing worse than watching the life being drained out of granny in her dementia.and her nappies.

It is different for all of us. there is yr mom, seemingly healthy, as was yr dad. And your mom has family support etc.
then there was my gran who thru no fault of her own was left too, without family.

Different for all of us . And nobody can judge.

"Which leaves us angels", as you like to say

you said: "who the fu**ing else would be out here in this shit to save your sorry arse?"
"you have the hope of us - or you have nothing" LOL

donna darkwolf will be your angel, my husband my minion my soldier and my beautiful Friend

your only Donna darkwolf ragazza!


This pretty much expresses my sentiments.
Donna had once remarked: "Franco, after I'm gone, there are other fish in the sea".
I replied: "Fuck You, Donna Darkwolf! YOU ARE MY SEA!
Which was a cause for clinking of wine glasses, and Donna's merry laughter.

Amado Mio

A-Ma-a-a-a-do MIO!

I Love you forever
Let for ever begin with this dance
Love me forever
And let forever begin tonight

Amado Mio
When we're together
I'm in a dream world
Of sweet delight

Many times I've whispered
Amado mio
It was just a phrase
That I heard in plays
I was acting a part

But now when I whisper
Amado mio
Can't you tell I care
By the feeling there
'Cause it comes from my heart

I want you ever
I love my darling
Wanting to hold you
And hold you tight


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