“Slow Romantic Piano for Donna" - Piana Piano. Donna loved to slow-waltz to this while we conjured up dinner...

Above: The Donna Darkwolf leading a Beltaine Ritual and Celebration in 2007.

Beltaine is an ancient Wiccan Pagan Celebration around the first day of November.
It is a Fire Festival with a big bonfire, and its purpose is spritual cleansing and promoting Fertility.
Donna Darkwolf and I met on the night of 1 November - when she had just come from leading a Beltaine celebration.

We had our own wedding Handfastening two weeks later.
The ceremony of Handfasting involves tying the hands of the couple marrying, in a figure of eight, with a red cord or ribbon.
The act Handfasting is the ORIGIN of the phrase 'Tying The Knot'.
Tying the couples hands together symbolises their Coming Together.
Untying symbolises their Remaining Together, by their Own Free Will.

As I was capturing my Donna Darkwolf's expression... She, engaged in intense debate... I was captivated

Donna possesses the Soul of a Witch
The Heart of a Woman
The Spirit of a Wolf

To be witness to this Warrior-Priestess.
I recall thinking: "How did I arrive here in the presence of such Beauty and Energy?"
I am not seeing a 'person', or a 'woman', or even a 'human'.

It is as if I am watching the sun move. Or seeing leaves and grass flutter in a breeze.
Seeing clouds build, and then the rain falls.

"IT", what ever "IT" is - is just HAPPENING - and I am merely a witness to IT.
A Force of Nature.
Unknowable. Unfathomable. All-Encompassing...

We are all OPAQUE to one another. God forbid you see into another persons mind.
That veritable Pandora's Box of writhing worms.

The Donna Darkwolf is an entirely transparent Enigma.

NOT - that what you see and hear is what there is...
Rather... what you see and hear, is a Gateway to Beyond what you have seen and heard before.

Her voice is that of a Key turning in a Lock... Click... the Gate opens...
And suddenly, HERE YOU ARE! Ensorcelled... Spell-Bound...

A lonely rain drop. On a window sill.

Donna Darkwolf's Visions On A Mud Ball

Donna Darkwolf wrote:
“I believe in Everything. Nothing is Sacred”

At this moment I sit on this Ball of Mud - 31*30” south [ I think] which means that I am spinning west to east at a rate of about 860 miles/hr or 18.6km/sec.
At the same time, this Ball of Mud is moving thru its orbit around the sun at 66,661mph or just more than 100,000km/hr.

And my Sun is carrying itself and its attendant planets moves toward the star Vega at about 32 000 mph., while our sun and Vega move around the edge of the galaxy at the blinding speed of 750,000 mph while the galaxy itself rotates at the sedate speed of 559,350 mph.

And as if that is not enough, our galaxy moves in relation to other galaxies as they rush thru the Universe at the speed of light - 300 000k per sec {186 000mps}
So when I sit here absolutely still, on my Ball of Mud – I am moving in 6 wildly disparate directions at an accumulated speed of perhaps 2.5 million miles per hour –
almost 4 million kilometeres per second.

I can never be motionless. I am always travelling at speeds which are incomprehensible –
Let me make you an offer you cannot understand. AND it its all happening in RealTime.
And perhaps the Universe is hurtling toward some undefined destination, perhaps to clear Space for a better Universe,
which will supplant us – and our conceit and hubris
while we are swept off, off to some new adventure... or catastrophe

And yet for the millions of years of our of existence, that’s the best we could do.
It got us this far,
And that is not trivial. Wisdom takes time. For our journey inch by inch, recorded for us... is the most important.
The closest celestial body is Luna.
The Moon. Diana. Demeter.
The chief exports of this celestial body are the human female menstrual cycle, lunacy, the urge to visit far-a-way places,
and, reasons for poetry about falling in love.

AND - Reasons for Falling in Love:

Donna Darkwolf - My Sister Moon

Words from a song by Sting, captures the atmosphere…

“My Sister Moon you are my guide
In you blue shadows I would hide
All good people asleep tonight
I am all by myself in your silver light

I go out of my mind, but for you

My Mistresses eyes are nothing like the sun
My hunger for her explains everything I have done
Lest we forget how fragile we are
Like all before us born beneath an angry sky
I will be true to no other but you till I die
Sister Moon”

Source: azlyrics.com
Writer: Sting

“I Believe in Nothing. Everything is Sacred”

I wrote to Donna:
The heat and the sensuality of having you so close
Your breasts with a sheen of salty sweat
Like two scoops of ice cream, lifted high and hard in those
Twin cups of heaven

And as I know you now, my Mistress
I will know you to the last of my days as the finest
Of all Souls……
That I have had the privilege to love, and be loved by you. The Sister of my Spirit.

And even if only for this one life time, You take my breath away, Donna Darkwolf – Mi Corazón.
You have altered the Shape of My Soul
Carry it Well.

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First column: In ancient China, Sirius was called 'Tiān Lángxīng', the 'Heavenly Wolf'.

My attempt at Chinese calligraphy. The second column reads: Zài Láng de Zuǐ Lǐ.
The Chinese version of the Italian: "In Bocca al Lupo" - in The Mouth of the Wolf!"
Which is an expression similar to "Break a leg".