A favorite of Donna's. Her "Kitchen Cha-Cha!"

A fast and furious Cha-Cha from the kitchen, to the dining room, to the patio - and back - stir the pots - sip of vinho - and we are off. . . AGAIN!

How to Conduct Yourself with a Psychiatrist - Even a Well-Meaning One

Advice from Donna Darkwolf.
Mission: So YOU want to Play with Fire? Well. Let me show you what Fire IS! . THEN you will Know Fire.

"Fighting soldiers from the sky
Fearless men who jump and die
Men who mean just what they say
The brave men of the Green Beret

Silver wings upon their chest
These are men, America's best
One hundred men will test today
But only three win the Green Beret"

Things I find as I mine thru' the Donna Darkwolf's hard drive.

My Shiny Wife, ever full of surprises!
File Date: Sent to Doctor Fairuz 06 07 2017 9:45:10PM
( Donna's Consulting Psychiatrist at Groote Schoor Hospital Psychiatric Facility )
(5 hours before Donna Darkwolf checked-in to the Here-After Hilton Hotel, in transit to Sirius. Shortly after our last supper together.)

Dear Doctor Fairuz,

You are the only ‘professional’ I am sending this to in the mental health field.

I think you knew it would come to this.

To this end I could not participate in the groups with imbeciles like that laatjie... (pronounced: "lightie".
An Afrikaans term denoting "wet behind the ears", or "too young and stupid to know better"), with his ’suicide is not an option’ when that was not even the discussion.

Nor will I tolerate the counsellor that wanted to force his own agenda on me with his ‘what will u do if Franco leaves you?”.
And I said ‘he will not. He is a Soldier’.
soldiers never leave their own, behind. ***

and he is MY Soldier who loves me. no one has loved me as much as him, other than my parents.

( this was a surprise to me - I never new this
Also I can imagine The Donna Darkwolf's rising fury, at this juncture. Something like: "Do You EXPECT me to BELIEVE?? insert invective here...",
OR, "What ARE?! You THINKING? insert invective here..."... OR...
Even worse (snarling ferocity under her breath): "So you Think you are So CLEVER!?
Let me SHOW You what CLEVER IS! THEN You Will Know! you clever person."

which explains the Blue Air episode... later in this account. Don't Fuck With The DarkWolf.  You will Definitely get burned.
I know from hard experience. You DEFINITELY Do NOT want to be inside the
Blast Radius of The Darkwolf's tongue:

"In Bocca Al LUPO". (In The Mouth of The Wolf. There is No Way Out.)

Franco moved out of our apartment in march last year.
He had to. for both our sakes. I was becoming increasingly violent knowing what fate held in store for me.
I was already planning to end myself.
I therefore cannot have him be party to this action of mine.

nor for my beautiful soldier to become a subject of interest in a criminal investigation
just because of my own private endevours

I took 300 sleeping pills on 1 April last year. Nothing happened! Slept 7 hours that is all. then I got more determined as u can read.

I will not spend out my life in a state facility or asylum as I told u. and every time I went to GSH I saw more and more tragic cases
and I determined I would not be one of them.

my soldier, and my precious Wolf are never more than seven minutes from my door step
and he will always fetch me in the morning
he always has. he always will. he always does. without fail. my beautiful soldier

he ACTUALLY HAS Silver Wings  upon his 3 AirMobil chest

that Silver-Tongued wolf of mine
i hear him and Wolf arrive from 5 blocks away
so deafeningly loud on my doorstep.. my Protectors
Angels - everywhere for a thousand yards
i can hear my Wolf arrive and then franco's boots
loud and marching

the sound of advancing inevitability
he often told me abt the Breath of angels everywhere for one thousand yards
i hear Wolf. then i hear francos boots marching, the sound of advancing inevitability, the key in the lock and he is by my bed
so resoulute. my protectors.
my Soldier and my precious Wolf always fetch me in the morning

Integrity AND Truth. franco is such a soldier that way. says what he means. means what he says

So thank you to you, Dear Fairuz.
You were one of the healers that had genuine concern in me – and my franco.
my silver winged franco will fetch me in the morning

i thank you for your kind service

If anyone asks, Tell Them!  "We were Doing Our Job"
Donna darkwolf Vos
End of Line

Donna Darkwolf's Weapon of Voice

(***Side Note:  I remember this day. The Wednesday before she took off.
I drove to Groote Schuur to collect Donna. She got in to The WOLF, absolutely fuming.
She was turning the air Blue  with her curses against that counsellor.
I listened to my Beautiful Girl use some of the most choice epithets I have ever had the the opportunity to hear...
I wish I had had a tape recorder. ( Had to create this image to convey the *BANG!*)
I "curse like a trooper". Hell, I WAS trooper. But Donna had a poetic, and melodramatic, style of delivery.
She made Cursing an Art Form.
My Donna Ragazza has "THE VOICE"
With all the lectures she has given, and pagan rituals she has presided over, she can project her voice.
And if she is angry her voice can strip paint off the walls at 50 metres, or cause your cell phone to melt down

She must still have been fuming for THIS to be the last e-mail she ever wrote to any one who was not ME.)

NOTE:  I was in the Army in '72. This ballad, and the song "When the Saints Come Marching In", were the highest DJ play requests on the Special Forces Song List, from people sending messages to their loved ones in the armed forces.
Forty Six years before I was to meet my beautiful Donna

This song reached #1 for five weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.
Ultimately, the song was named Billboard Hot #1 single for the year 1966. Six years before I entered the Army. In 1972, in the Green Hell, I finished 25 out of 500 odd.
(2 + 5 = 7. Here we go with the Se7en's again.)

I failed the Rhodeia Army SAS elite combat training course, but I still became a helicopter gun ship Flight Lieutenant of the 3 Air Platoon.
Army Ordinance Services Division. Aerial Helicopter Supply - Cas-Evac & Combat Air-Support.
A gunship and ambulance!

Serial Number 775 718 109 (Remember: Donna's Certificate was #7767)

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