Two Hundred and Fifty Words by Donna Darkwolf Ma' At - The Weigher of Hearts

My Pretty Donna Darkwolf

“Rachel's Song" by Vangelis - yet another of Donna's favorite Sunday pieces...

Donna Mia Adorata Strega, About to Dress Up for My Birthday Celebration

Donna Darkwolf with her single Feather as the Egyptian Goddess, Ma'At,
The Weigher of Hearts, who will test your Purity at your Death, with THAT Feather.

Donna asked me what I wanted for my birthday. After one year together.
I told her: "All I want is You in my life".
But she insisted. So I said: "write me a letter in two hundred and fifty words".
I might have been casual. I don't think I really meant 'write me a letter".

But, sure enough she did. Just BLEW ME AWAY!
The MOST INCREDIBLE letter I have ever been given, up till then.
Never knowing how many more would follow over the years.

"You asked me to write something for your birthday – 250 words. So I am putting pen to paper and really can’t think of much to say.

I’ve said it all when I fell off my pedestal, and realized my wings were made of plastic.

I’ve said it all when I’ve fallen from your grace, and your grace and friendship has brought me safely home.

I’ve said it all, through beautiful and well chosen cards I have given you, and still will do so.

I’ve said it all when I yell unforgivably at you and then feel kuk each time I do.

I’ve said it all when I’ve mumbled cheap sorry’s and I Iove you’s.

But I haven’t said it all when I have been unappreciative of what you do in the name of your love for me.

I haven’t said it all when I do know that love without action is meaningless.

I often wonder what will happen to me if you die before me, just how devastated I will be.

Will I continue in this mute state that I am in most of the time?
Or would I spring into some sort of action? In a way that you would have desired when still alive.

I do wonder if you love me because ‘old soldiers never die’, or ‘try or die trying’.

But I guess love and duty are so intertwined.

You are the most selfless, caring person I have ever met. Compassionate and resourceful, strong and vulnerable, kind and giving.

No one has loved me more than you, except my parents.

Who could ever have imagined this Witch and a Soldier like you, Together?
Life truly is stranger than we can imagine it to be
And here WE TWO ARE!

Well, I have exceeded my 250 words and I still have so many things to say to you.

But I will end here for now with: I Love You! And happy birthday My Love".

Your Shiny Donna Strega

To which I replied...

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