Minions lunch invitation

Game of Thrones, but with Donna's Minions singing- Performed by The Cog is Dead
This may be the most unusual thing “The Cog is Dead” has ever released.
Our Friends at YouTube Channel AndYouFilms  along with the Cast from "Game of Thrones"  just produced a hilarious mashup video that crosses
Game of Thrones with the Minions of Despicable Me.

My Lunch Invitation to Donna Darkwolf - HASTA BANANA! BABY!!!

This just blew the Donna Darkwolf Away... 

from:  Franco
to:  Donna
date:  Jun 23, 2017, 10:10 AM
subject:  HASTA BANANA, BABY!!!

My Darkwolf

As we begin our final outbound journey together.

I am brave for you

I know I love you. And I will sorely miss you.

That is my “selfish” me. All about me.

You will travel well, my beautiful Darkwolf Donna.

I know I will find you again…

My Shiny Wife

Like you said: I did it twice before

I can find You again, Mia Ragazza.

I have the Map of Sirius

Your love will guide me to you.


Get your act together My Nefertiti…

We did not travel this far...


Translated, the card says: "I Love You My Beautiful Girl - Lets Go To Lunch??!!

I will fetch you in The Morning.

WOLF at your door: 10:30

Lunch at Terroir! Kleine Zalze – As Seen On TV!

Look lively! Look lovely!

This Is Not A Drill!

Get Active! Gear Up!

Lipstick. Hair. Blue and gold Egyptian robe. Sun glasses. AND… Appetite!


Your Minion, MFWIC - Mother F*cker Wots In Charge )))

Check out this YouTube Video: Game of Thrones meets The Minions -
YOU are starring in it, Donna Mia! WITH Your Minion LOL LOL

Roma Victor!

Donna Darkwolf and her Minion

Donna Darkwolf in love with her Minion

from:  Donna
to:  Franco
date:  Jun 23, 2017, 11:58 AM
subject:  re: HASTA BANANA, BABY!!!

My Minions!!!! Fuk this is so funny! So you!

This is the most beautifully insane lunch invitation I've ever received

And the woman kissing the minion? That's Us, alright! LOL

I cannot wait for MY OWN Minion to fetch me for lunch, in my pretty Wolf.

After seeing the Terroir on that chef channel on DSTV, I've been wanting to go back there


Your Donna Mia

Roma Victor!

When "AndYouFilms" asked if "The Cog is Dead" could record a minionized version of the Game of Thrones theme, the answer was "ABSOLUTELY!"

And so here it is! See the video here:

Credits: Released June 23, 2017

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