"Historia de Un Amor" by Pink Martini - One of Donna's favorite songs to dance to whilst making dinner.
Sneaking up behind me at the stove. laying herself gently against my back, whispering in my ear:
"Your Shiny Wife - is SHINIER than those pots. . . come beautiful Soldier. . . Dance Me. . . Tell me the Story of Our Love"
What is a man to do against the wiles and guile of such a Witch as my Shiny Wife?

QUICK! Drop spoon! Turn down heat! Quick mouthful of vinho blanca! Un! Dos! Tres! VáMONOS! And with graceful ease - we are AWAY!

"Tango IV" - Painting by Fabian Perez. With MY face super-imposed! I Could not Resist. Such Vanity?

Our History of Love by Donna Darkwolf

<< Part I
I wish I could have one last time at home with u – us. U cooking – at home together. Dancing in our lounge, or kitchen.
To see you eat and watch TV, your keen eyes darting everywhere taking in everything.
To see u scrub the kitchen counter, and to see the steam come out of the bathroom.
to have you come and tuck me in and say: "I'll fetch you in the morning".
I wish to have one last xmas and birthday with you – to honour you and only with you.

While I am very pleased that last year was my last, I only concentrated on myself.
Wish I could just focus on you. I wish I could wish u a happy birthday with the honor and love you deserve.

More than this I can’t say.
I may cry. And I must not. I have to do my job.

As you so like to say LOL: ‘IF anyone asks – TELL THEM - we were doing OUR JOB’.

My franco I love you more than you will ever know. And I will meet u one day in that Undiscovered Country and together we can raise our own flag.
Come fetch me from Sirius.
Find your donna darkwolf on the dog star.

I have kept so many of your smss… all they do is radiate love. Pure pure love. But this one was so funny.
U r incapable of abuse and this was as good as it got:

‘I can barely remember you. The good things. But I sure do recall all your shittiness. The shitness monster’.
I laugh at that so much each time I read it.

Here is another one:
So much encouragement from you:
'You once told me you are a Warrior. I admired u for that. U still are and I still do’

'We both knew the price of this Mission. And the only price is Never to Surrender’

'Consider this. I am trying to keep you to my heart so I can fetch you in the morning. If I screw up? You will bury me. It is always on me’

'I have always loved u. I always will. With abiding respect… Flt. Lt. Moreno Franco ’

'Goodnight – My Wolf – Hunt Well’

'Only our best planning and timing will lift u beyond where the metal meets the meat, however, U have got to achieve this goal at any cost. Move forward ’

’ Fetch you anytime ’

'Semper Fidelis ’

'Everywhere for 1000 yards. And I will always be here with you ’

'Fetch you anytime ’

'I will Always fetch u. depend on it ’

'I believe in you ’

'Love is as love does. Be done by as you did, my precious Mermaid ’

'Always fetch you in the morning. Soldier ’

'Buenas noches Corazon mi. eo tu queiro. Good night my heart. I love you. Como Viento. With the wind. ’

'Breath of Angels, everywhere. For one thousand yards ’

'You are My Light mia Donna ’

Semper Fi, My Soldier Boy

Your Only Donna Mia

End of Line

Ah... For Just One More Dance...

You're by my side no more, my love
You were always my reason to exist
To worship you was my religion
In your kisses I could find
the warmth you gave to me
the love and passion

This is our love story
There's no other that's the same
It brought light into my life
Though you're by my side no more, mi corazon
In my soul I hold the Joy of you
The dark-haired girl of my dream

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