Donna Darkwolf's Black Pearl Wedding Ring

“Dream of Donna" Dining in Style
As I was capturing Donna Darkwolf's Black Pearl Wedding Ring  in the candle light - we could never know that in a years time...
Put my tablet down, pick up my glass - the one on the right - move the candle back - out of the way, and take her hand.
And pray that I will never have another love in my life...

Dining at Cattle Baron with Donna Darkwolf

Darkwolf even attaches a picture of the desired menu item...

from: Donna
to: moreno franco
date: Jul 11, 2016, 6:20 AM
subject: good morning my franco

6.20 am and I am heading off to bed. Saw al pacino and Michelle pfeifer in ‘Frankie and johnny’.
It made me very sad. He was you……. He just loved her. It was just so. And she threw things at him etc.

But of course her shit was temporary . She had shit to deal with and he loved her thru it.
In my case I will never work thru my shit.
And I still have YOU loving me through all of it.
And I love you for that, my franco

Anyway my franco I hope u have an all-rite day.
Drive straight here from work...... i will be dressed and ready just hoot
So you and the wolf can take me to my favorite cattle baron steak house in durbanville tonite. see the pics attached.

I want to drive out on marine drive for a sundowner at Ons Huise and see the sunset first.
i want to see the sea, and hold you to me

your donna strega NEEDS a steak XXXXXXX
and a salad

As always - the Immaculate Beauty will accompany her Minion to Dinner. Or is it the other way around? The Minion does the "accompanying? Right?

Your Donna Strega Needs a Steak xxxxxxx

Hardly any men will ever get to within an arms-reach of an Arch-Priestess.
Let alone have the chance to dine with one such as The Darkwolf.

The chances of talking to an Arch-Priestess is very slim.

And the chances of making love to one is almost ZERO.

‘Ts Time to Take The Donna Darkwolf to Dinner.

Get Smart!

Look Sharp!

‘Ts Time to Dine.

Every dinner is a magical event .

The Good The Bad and The Impossible

By way of reply, I sent Donna this “fairy tale”, that I concocted over a few double scotches.

Having just blown away the last fortifications of the three little pigs, and eaten the last and the juiciest of the swine, the Big Bad Wolf was making his way back through the forest when he chanced upon Little Red Riding Hood.

Her eyes widened as she saw him. Her mouth opened and let loose a stream of invective that turned the air blue.

This was the THIRD F***ing time this week thet he was F***ing Late!

The verbal attack was followed by a physical one, from which the Wolf thought it safer to retire than to respond. He retired to the local “Three Goats” pub.
He’d quite forgotten their arranged meeting, and it was chance that he had chanced upon her, for he had double booked himself.

He was cheered up by the sight of an old flame. Goldilocks. She was already into her third beer.
Furtively picking an irritating shred of pig from between his teeth, he apologised as he sat down across from her.

Goldilocks smiled, murmuring: "You're late".
He smiled back: “Had to stop for a quick little snack and ran into some complications, is all”

She says it’s the third time and that waiting lowers her self-esteem.
The silver tongued wolf replies that on one of those occasions he was in a car smash.
The youngest of the three goats saunters over: “Oy mate! Wot yer drinkin?”
Wolf orders a Nastro Azurro “and another for my delicious lady”

Over by the Buffet, he noticed Little Miss Muffet, showing her curves away… he was a bit nervous here.
Since he’d last laid down beside her he was thinking she might me a mother next May...

“Little Miss Muffet
Sat at the Buffet
Showing her curves away
Along came a wolf
who sat down beside her
She’s going to be a mother next May... etc”

Which soon elicited a call from a hysterically laughing Donna: "I love the picture! Print it out for me!"

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