Donna Darkwolf - The Guardian Angel Between Dark and Light

“With You" by Oliver Berkley. One of Donna's romantic dinner piano music pieces.
Above: Warrior - Priestess Donna Darkwolf - The Guardian Angel Between Dark and Light.

Donna once said to me: "Angels never ARRIVE wearing a Halo - You only ever see the Halo when an Angel is leaving. After the 'event'.
You only discover that you were in the presence of an Angel - AFTERWARDS!"

(Behind Donna: Orion's Belt pointing to bright Sirius on the left)

'Between Union and Oblivion' by Donna Darkwolf

from:  Donna
to: moreno franco
date: Mar 14, 2008, 13:47 PM
subject: Between Union and Oblivion

Like the Plague entering a village on the bony spine of the Serpent, I will I spend my life remembering and relearning what I once knew?
I count on you, Man of Mine, to remember what I will forget – on being born in your arms…

Can it be that Sin has a price? Then I prefer you to learn the truth from me personally.
The only thing I ever did wrong was to find you so late. And finding you led to nothing less than worship. I worshipped you

And not wanting to believe that I could love you so much.

Not me you love – but being in love with being in love…  All Women should be loved, and In Love. Or so I believe.
That’s why I love all of this “US”.

I love you for no other reason than that I am a woman.

I don’t just believe in you. I believe in what I can do with you.
Remember, I am also "an artist", and you are my material.
I painted a picture out of you.

You are Special… because I love you and you always will be My Love until my last breath flees my lungs... And it will flee with your name upon my lips.

“As I Treat, So I Love the One I Am With

I wrote back to Darkwolf:

Do you remember the hit on the radio: “I’m your Venus / I’m your Fire / Your hearts desire” Goddess on a Mountain Top
I painted you. Your alien spirit painted this…
Like a kind of magic. You dance only for me.
Close your eyes while I sing this lullaby. The silence will be broken now, with these tears of another time.

“Destiny is something to be Mastered”

Symbols don’t grow on symbols. Symbols grow on reality...
I sit across the table from you at La Perla. We drink a very expensive French Champagne by candle light.
As you hold my hand and tell me you have known me these last four thousand years and that our souls are forever entwined.

Well I will tell you this: There is no order here. The sequences of time have been blurred by….
So I suppose you could say that in the same fashion that a clock does not contain time, this book contains no reality, while it measures reality as a clock measures time.

These moments are truly as I remember them: flow of consciousness, you could say- Moments, forever vital and frozen – like tears - in rain.

It is at once exquisite and unbearable. The memory...memories are as clear as light... unbearable, because I wish more than anything that I could have written this story with you. There is no pain, only a sublime and endless yearning for the “dreamed-to-have-become-as-history”
This place resounds with the singing spirits of all of us, and, with your spirit - I can pick it out. Our childhood laughter. laughter and your voice, so mellifuous - like water over rocks in a summer stream. Smoothe.

There are very few people who realise what God would make of them if they
abandoned themselves into His hands, and let themselves be formed by His grace-
St Ignatius Loyola

Donna Darkwolf posing in front of her Caduceus

Darkwolf posing in our newly painted lounge in front of the Caduceus she commissioned me to make. Complete with her 'halo', the flourecent ring-lamp from her desk.

Just Us Wolves. XXX. Your Donna Ragazza

"And Now I Am in The Place Where it All Began....."

One of Donna's occasional cards to me. Inscribed: "Just Us Wolves. XXX. Your Donna Ragazza".

Donna wrote back:

I beg You, I entreat, I invite, beseech, call out to you the one lone spirito empatico, for that is how you always came looking for me: “the other half of me” – you called me.
Said to me in the warm rain in Paradise, told me in the traffic, whispered in our bedroom,

Remember the first night I went home with you. We were so passionate and frenzied. You tore your pants off and was in me before the first kiss was accomplished.
Well - that is what I am looking forward to, when you arrive in Johannesburg, my only franco - Not long to wait now

Your Shiny Donna Strega

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