Donna Darkwolf and Her Minion at Sea

“Imprevu” Liza-Minelli (1965)
The Minion is tasked with keeping the Dark Wolf fed, entertained and happy.
"Hellew! I am Her Ladyship's Minion. My name is MIFWIC! - Mother F*cker Wots In Charge!
Just so we are clear! Yes?!"

Donna Darkwolf and Her Minion at Sea

Ever since I introduced Donna to the Minions in "Despicable Me", she laughingly referred to me as:
"My Minion", because I was always busy doing things... especially for her.
Donna must have watched "Despicable Me" and the sequels about 20 times!

Donna always reminded me of this song - because of her bubbly joy when we were going out to eat.
As in, imperiously commanding:
"MINION! I am hungry! If you take me somewhere to dine... I will hold your hands and tell you how much I love you".

Oh well... Resistance is Futile. Brush hair. Bank card. WOLF key. WOLF-MOBILE.
Freeway. Music. Wine estate. LUNCH!

"Anything else? Mi'Lady?" I utter in Veddy Bored Butlerese.

"You have not told me you love me today, Minion", she says irritably
"I thought I had, Mi'Lady. Don't worry. I will".
"You had better. Or there will be Hell to Pay" Laughing her head off.
"I have already paid Hell, Mi'Lady. So that won't work!
Anything else? Mi'Lady?"

"And Now! Breaking News...: Two lunatics have escaped from the Reservation..."


Turn me loose, Imprevu
Let me laugh and make love, Imprevu
Let me run through the world
Flinging popcorn and pearls
I'll make spring an all year thing

Let's take off, Imprevu
To a place where there's nothing to do
But play gypsy guitars
While we ride shooting stars
Let's make spring an all year thing

So let's love, Imprevu
I'm something new, Imprevu
I'm a new kind of female
To make you feel he-male

Clear through and we'll live Imprevu
Doing anything we want to do
We'll call every month May
And get carried away
And run off
And elope every day
We'll make spring an all year thing

Honeymoon Trip. Donna Darkwolf

Honeymoon Trip. Donna Darkwolf on the stairs that lead to the river at the Lord Milner Hotel. Matjiesfontein.

Dining with Donna Darkwolf at Life Grand Cafe. Cape Town Waterfront

Go Every Where - Explore. And Eat. Everywhere

Wedding Anniversary. Dining with Donna Darkwolf at Life Grand Cafe. Cape Town Waterfront.
Donna often tells me: "Each day you love me - I love you more. . ."

Mission: Adventure.  See a zoomable Google Map of All the places where we Lunch and Dine.

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