"Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder. Our 10th Wedding Anniversary - 1 November 2016
Just by coincidence, of which you will discover many of, with regards to Donna, this song was playing while I was creating this page.
Here: The Wedding Anniversary of The Witch and The Soldier. At Life Grand Cafe. Cape Town Waterfront.

About Donna Darkwolf’s Biographer, Publisher and Labour of Love

My name is Moreno Franco. Better known as Franco.

Because most people don’t seem to be able to pronounce my name: More – En – Oh. Arse Holes!

I am an Artist, a graphic designer, a writer, a poet and “philosopher-at-large”.
I have been a Commissioned Artist, Freelance Illustrator, Custom Art decorator of motorcycles cars, trucks, shop interiors, shop fronts and exhibition events.
As a Graphic Designer in Design and Advertising houses, I have designed packaging for just about anything you have ever bought in a supermarket.
I have designed the magazine and newspaper Ad’s that made you spend your money on those products.

I served in the Rhodesian Army 3 Air Supply Platoon – becoming a Flight Lieutenant on a 16 man, four helicopter gun-ship Flight. 3 AirMobil. "Alpha Mike Three".

As Donna's lover and husband - I served variously as: 'husband of mine', 'my beautiful soldier', 'Flight Lieutenant', 'Chef!', 'hey techie!' for her IT support, and of course, 'MINION!' - because she loved the Minions in the movie, "Despicable Me".

I put my creativity to work in producing this Digital Memorial to my Shiny Wife because, when I discovered, what she meant to so many people, who honoured her - this book of Donna Darkwolf's life for them.

It would be remiss of me, and a capital mistake,  to not pay her the Tribute I owe to her, for enriching my life with the Magick and Love she brought to my heart.

The Last Homicidal Maniac for 120 kilometres

The Merry Prankster Me - dresses for an office Christmas Party. We all had to pose for "Before and After" Mug Shots. There is NO explaining THIS!.

Donna Told Me - "Tell a Beautiful Story with Your Life"

I dont Imagine for one moment that Donna would think that the "Story" I would eventually tell would be this one. This is my Labour of Love for my Shiny Wife.

"The Story of The Witch and The Soldier"
Not quite a 'romantic novel' / not quite an 'historical account' / not quite a 'spiritual journey, but an amalgam of all of these - that she had wanted to write, but could not get around to - due to other more pressing issues - as you will read / have read.

The title is Donna's Idea, and she used the sentence several times times - both in conversation and correspondence:
"My Franco... what are the chances of a Witch and a Soldier?"  OR,

"Who could have imagined a Witch and A Soldier, my Franco?"  AND,

"I am going to write the story of The Witch and The Soldier! About US!"

Well I have now written the story FOR Donna Darkwolf, posthumously.
I am sure my Shiny Wife would approve if she saw this autobiography of US.
She and Me.

I call her "my Shiny Wife",  because, as I explained to Donna: 'of all the many loves I have had in my life, you are the one that SHINES! And when the Angel's ask me who I remember - I will tell them that I remember YOU!'

My last New Year's Eve greeting card from Donna

Donna Darkwolf left me a Pile of Cards  to open after she passed on: 2 for her Dust-Off - one private and one to open at her Dust-Off Ritual, Our 11th Wedding Anniversary, Christmas, this one, 2018 Birthday card - 1 January, 2 cards to be opened After 777 Days, and After 1000 Days.
PLUS!  7 other "Pick-Me-Up" cards labelled: "When you need a"Pick-Me-Up"  - to be opened at any time.

Revealing Donna Darkwolf

Due to the nature of Donna Darkwolf’s departure for The Undiscovered Country – I felt it necessary to showcase Donna Darkwolf’s
clear state of mind, her boldness of Heart and her UNSTOPPABLE Spirit.

By using some our correspondences, I could reveal the love and joy contained in this Priestess, this Witch, this “Force of Nature”.

And it not only I who saw Donna Darkwolf as a Force of Nature. Her friends and colleagues all saw her as this.

Thereby giving the public an intimate insight into the life and times of a woman that so many admired, trusted and loved.

Of all the people in Donna Darkwolf’s illustrious and industrious years, apart from her mother and father, I have lived - and endured, ))), the longest time with her.

For Ten glorious years, I was witness to every second of her life. Her Joy and sadness.

Who IS Donna Darkwolf?

You will notice in these pages that I refer to this incredible woman variously as Donna; Donna Darkwolf and The Donna Darkwolf.

“Donna”  is the greatest love of my life. My pretty girl. My Shiny Wife. My Beautiful Witch.
I refer to her as “Shiny” because to me, she shone out brighter than  of all the previous loves of my life.

“Donna Darkwolf”  is the title of the woman known publicly for her work, mentoring, teaching and counselling.
And how she is regarded in the hearts and minds of her colleagues, associates.

“The Donna Darkwolf”  is an entity.  The Arch-Priestess of the Circle of the African Moon.
Elected as the first President of the Pagan Federation of South Africa from 1996 to 2001, Donna founded Circle of the African Moon (CAM) in 2001.
The first Pagan/Wicca congregation in South Africa – which eventually gave rise to other congregations springing up all over South Africa.

The Donna Darkwolf had shown by her leadership, that there was pride in being a Pagan, Paganism being humanity’s oldest religion.

I knew Donna long before I “found” her, for the likeness of her face appeared in many of my Fantasy and Sc-Fi paintings.

A Tale of Mystery and Imagination

I paint Fantasy and Science-Fiction Art.
I have a very fertile imagination.
Many of the women that appeared in my works – a queen, a vanquishing hero, a mermaid, an Angel, all bore Donna’s face for 40 years. Since I was fourteen.

To finally meet “my fantasy” – took my breath away.

I was chatting with some people. I did not see Donna crossing the dance floor, toward me.
I just felt her hand on my wrist, and as I turned her happy, excited words were:
“Aah! You found me!"

The first ASTONISHED words out of my mouth, as I saw Donna’s face were: “Migod!!! It’s You!!!!

And, to the surprise of those around us, we both burst into laughter.

Over the years, Donna would always have a laugh about our first encounter: “The LOOK on your face! Priceless!”

The Story of the Witch and The Soldier

Romantic Dining at Home.

We were never actually introduced to each other. Her behaviour was as if she had been expecting me. And that we had previously arranged to meet at this event.

It was as if we had always known each other. As if we were finally meeting in an airport Arrival Hall… one of us expectantly waiting for the other,
to appear in the bustle of passengers disembarking from some distant voyage.

That was 1 November 2007. Without excusing ourselves we fled the party and spent two endless hours chatting – as if catching up on “things”.
On 3 November, I had dinner at her house. On 7 November we were living together. On 14 November 2007 – we were wedded.

I was variously Donna's "beautiful soldier", "Minion" - she loved the Minions, and "MIFWIC" - Mother-F*cker Wots In Charge.

Donna Darkwolf’s story is contained in these pages.

Based on e-mails I have received from all over the Planet, as blessings, condolences, thank-you’s…
Donna Darkwolf is respected and wished well. Even by her enemies.

I knew Donna long before I “found” her, for the Likeness of Her Face appeared in many of my Fantasy and Sc-Fi paintings.


1 November 2017 - Our 11th Wedding Anniversary.


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