Welcome to AirMobil 3. The Breath of Angels. Everywhere. For One Thousand Yards. Once more

This track is comprised of the video sound track of my trip on the Huey gunship, that the Donna Darkwolf gifted me...
and the music I was listening to when I took the flight, so that I could hear...
The Breath of Angels, one more time - and re-live my Life in the Sky. Once more

It begins realistically loud. That is intentional.
I want to convey a sense of...

A helicopter gunship is an incredibly complex and dangerous machine.
The environment can suddenly become an adreniline-fuelled, gut-wrenching horror show.
Yet, the men who sail these ships, do so with pride and dignity...
Undeterred by the possibility of death riding along with, as a companion.
They place their faith in the hands of Gravity's Angel, and prey for Her.
Safe return to the world.

I Saw Your Ship - Fetch Me in the Morning by Donna Darkwolf

from:  Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
to:  Franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com,
moreno franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com
date:  Jul 4, 2017, 04:04 AM
subject:  I saw your ship

I was dreaming
I saw your ship
The one you will fetch me with
in the morning
Glittering shining
and whirling blades
And so dark and menacing

So many swords
The Noise
I fear for you and your ship
I feared that your love for me
will destroy you
And then i recall you telling me how the other soldiers in your squad
referred to you as the Stainless Steel Rat
you were so proud of announcing your self to be such
Resourceful. Resilient. Reliable.
With your silver tongue, and your silver wings

I do not care how shining, or dirty your ship is... flying in.
Only that I am rescued, my franco
fetch me in the morning, beautiful soldier of mine
take me away from this DARK PLACE
A kiss away

I would rather die in the embrace of my soldier
than live without him

ever your shiny donna strega

p.s. where for dinner
you choose


My Fight on Donna Darkwolf's Huey Gunship

Pilot Francois and I

Just a bloody coincidence again.The Pilot is an old drinking buddy of mine. Francois and Franco. Both ex-Rhodesian military. Keep your eye on the ship's cavity behind Francois. It's Important

Pilot - Capt. Francois

Francois served as Captain in the Rhodesian Air Force 7th Squadron at about the same time I was serving as Flight Lieutenant In the Army's 3 Air Platoon.
- 7th...Theres Donna's Seven Again - you'll see.

My Saudi Flight Crew

A group from Saudi Arabia. Their husbands were here on business, so they were doing touristy stuff. They were blown away by being accompanied on their flight by two ex soldiers.