Donna dining at Duchess of Wisbeach. Sea Point.

“ 'S Wonderful" by Diana Krall  - Donna at "The Duchess of Wisbeach" in Sea Point. One of her most favorite restaurants.
Donna told me that this Diana Krall song expressed the way she felt about me. That is how I became her "MINION". LOL.

Donna Darkwolf Always Loves a Romantic Dinner

Dinner here! Dinner there! Dinner Everywhere... Cape Town has so many wonderful dining experiences with restaurants on wine estates, on the beach, in the harbour and wayout in the countryside. Donna Darkwolf was never one to pass up an opportunity to eat out.
Every lunch or dinner was an occassion, and a reason to sometimes dress-up "to the Nines".

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Donna's sunset dinner at Mar e Sol

Mar e Sol. V&A Waterfront

Donna brought me here to have Tiger Prawns, Portuguese style..

Donna's sunset dinner at Harveys restaurant in Winchester Manor

Harvey's @ Winchester Mansions

Getting ready to dine after a stroll at the Sea-wall in Sea Point...

Donna's after dinner at the Santa Anna Spur

Santa Anna Spur. V&A

Donna always loved to eat at a nice Spur Restaurant...

Donna's dinner at Kloofstreet House

At Kloofstreet House

Donna loved the atmosphere here. The decor was just liker her home in Durbanville...

Donna's sunset dinner at Life Grand Cafe

Sunset @ Life Grand Cafe.V&A

After a boat excursion around the harbour. Donna just loved menus. Inevitably mixed-and-matched...

Donna's dinner at Duchess of Wisbeach with her Minion

At The Duchess with Her Minion

She loved this place, it reminded of her house in Durbanville, with all the baroque furnishings...

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