“Just For You" by Ernesto Cortazar - another of Donna's favorite Sunday pieces...

Arch-Priestess - Donna Darkwolf at Her Work She So Loved

Donna loved her work. Continually at it. I watched her in wonder, every day, at all the phone calls, the faxing, the e-mailing.
She worked bloody hard; Writing. Preparing. Printing... for a consultation, a ritual, a ceremony, a festival.
She celebrated her life through her good work. Lived for her work.
(Above: Donna Officiating at a Wiccan Hand-Fastening Ceremony)

Always there to help and to guide.
However... BEWARE!

Try and cross her, or meddle in her work, work against her or conive behind her back? Many have faced her Fury and Absolute Wrath
Have been scalded and singed by her whithering words... bruised and broken by her razor-sharp invective... and cursed until the very air turned BLUE.
Then You will understand the Indian Goddess, KALI.

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Phases of the Moon

Donna Darkwolf's logo for her organization - Circle of the African Moon - which she led for about 20 years