"Looking for The Summer" by Chris Rhea.
Even as Donna Darkwolf attempts to be discrete, and un-noticed - She compels attention.
Her Mysterious Beauty is impossible to disguise. She cannot hide that Nefertiti Nose. She cannot hide those Flashing Eyes.
She cannot hide that Enigmatic twist at the corners of her Mouth.

My Film Star - Donna Darkwolf - 24-02-1962

Mission: Show-Time

Donna always has an air of casual elegance about her. She always appears distant. That is because she is
generally deep in thought and reflection and has no desire to participate in the humdrum of mundane existence.

Conversely, when she is preparing for a Wiccan ritual, or Pagan ceremony, she is excited and intensely happy.
Energetically making preparations. Setting out tables for snacks and drinks. Dressing in her finest robes.
And getting made-up for her guests.

The first birthday card I gave Donna. We had been together four months.
In the spirit of Donna's penchant for "editing" greeting cards because she liked the graphics, but wanted different words,
I got her this birthday card and added the "Witchy, Hot, Shiny, Sexy" part.
But it was the punch-line to die for.
A cause for her to burst into cackling laughter - with much hugging and kissing.

The labour of love was to write out the words of this Chris Rea Song. Slightly tweaked - of course.

Looking for the Summer

Chris Rea

I Look deep into your February face
A change is clearly taking place
Looking for the summer

The eyes take on a certain gaze
And leave behind the springtime days
Go looking for the Summer

This ain't no game of kiss and tell
The implication's how you knew so well
Go looking for the Summer

The time has come and we must go
To play the passion out that haunts you so
Looking for the Summer

Remember love how it was the same
We scratched and hurt each other's growing pains
We're looking for the summer

And Still, I stand this very day
With a burning wish to Fly with you
Be with you for the Summer

All my Love is Ever Yours Donna Ragazza Mia

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Chris Rea
Looking for the Summer lyrics © Magnet Music Ltd

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