"Farewell Requiem for My Friend" - Zbigniew Preisner. Donna Darkwolf lunching at Simon's Restaurant on the Groot Constantia wine farm in sunny Cape Town.
My Lunch Partner. Dance Partner. Cooking Partner. Shopping Partner. Let's not forget Argument Partner. My Designated Driver and Arch-Priestess.

All compacted into the beautiful body of the: "One Wife" Mark 'A-1-A' Donna Ragazza.

This piece of music came up on the radio as I was driving to give my Donna Ragazza her last farewell kiss good-bye, and see her off into the Undiscovered Country.
21 July 2017. 21 is divisible by Se7en. Just another "Donna Coincidence". I had just raced The WOLF into 5th on the freeway.
I had Borg's painting and all the Donna Darkwolf's photos she had requested to accompany her on her Voyager Mission.
Priesner's "Farewell" is a welcome and fitting tribute to the Journey of a Hero. My Hero.

When Will I Wear It To Lunch?
Donna Darkwolf sent me an SMS: "Anyway I bought myself a coat. A TURQUOISE coat! In Your Face! When will I wear it to lunch?"
I replied in my immediate, usual style: "Lunch. Tomorrow. Simons. Wolf at Your Door. 11:30. Bring Appetite".
(it was MY stock SMS. I could just change the venue and the time...)

When I Look In Your Eyes Donna Darkwolf - This is What I Fell In Love With

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Subject:  this is what i fell in love with - my how we change and take things for granted.....
When I Look In Your Eyes Donna Darkwolf - This is What I Fell In Love With My beloved shiny witch. Donna Mia.

It was wonderful to have you to myself.
Just watching you watch the sea... where I know you will one day be

I know that you are trying to prepare me for what you must do

I often wonder what Fate had in store for us bringing us together
That we will "grow wise together, but not old together" as you are wont to say
That we were brought together to teach each other a few lessons about our own selves.

Sitting at lunch holding hands.
Me gazing at you, while you gaze at the endless ocean...
this is what i fell in love with when I first laid eyes upon you

What I fall in love with each time I see you
And it is what makes me realize that we have to be brave for each other
Because a day is coming that will be the last day we talk to each other

And I will be here to say farewell to my only Mermaid, back into the home of her ocean.

And I have to treat each time that I am with you as possibly the last time
I want for you to depart into The Undiscovered Country, having had a wonderful day
With one man who truly loves you.
Who always has. And who always will.

What A Beautiful Life I Have Lived Through - With You, Donna Mia
I found that love is where you are

Love outlasts death, Donna Mia. Death is just a doorway to another existence.
We know that - because that is how we found each other.
And how we will find each other again

One day I too, will journey across the Undiscovered Country
And I promise you this. That no matter where you are, I WILL find you, My Love, and I will fetch you, again, in the morning.

So listen for me... you will be able to hear me coming,
everywhere for one thousand yards ))

I Love You - Mia Bella Strega Donna Corazon.


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