Donna Darkwolf and HER Ducks - At Jonkershoek Restaurant in Constantia

“Tombe La Neige". 'Falling is The Snow'. Instrumental Version by Salvatore Adamo.
Off one of the first CD's Donna bought when she got to Johannesburg. 2008.

Above: Donna Darkwolf and "HER" Ducks - At Jonkershoek Restaurant in Constantia.
It is true. I know which restaurant Donna is referring to when she says: "I want to see My   Ducks!", with such child-like demanding innocence."
"I want to see My  Black Swans!" - refers to Asara Wine Estate, in Stellenbosch.

'Conversation & Scientific Methodone - Part 2' by Donna Darkwolf

from:  Donna
to: moreno franco
date: Mar 15, 2008, 15:31 PM
subject: Conversation & Scientific Methodone

I am so excited. Cindi and I went to the Flight Center this morning so that I could pick up my ticket.
I am flying out on Sunday 30th. So bring WOLF to the airport to collect your Shiny Wife, and take her for lunch in Franchoek or Stellenbosch.
One last lunch in the wine-country side with my beautiful soldier.

Scientific Methodone

My Franco - how is this for a piece of joke writing???

Every one knows that scientists write badly – every one that is, except scientists.

The scientist is, by his reliance on the passive voice, hobbled, leading to sentences like this one, in which the subject is acted upon with lumpy nouns, without ever saying exactly who the action is done by, so that the sentences get longer and longer as you read and never seem to end, even when there is clearly nothing more to say in the sentence, at which point the reader may get a meager little semi-colon; this gives him a rest so that he can go on and read another long phrase without really learning anything more that could illustrate the idea of the message that is being attempted to be put across, by which time the reader is now trying to recall the original subject being written about, because the writers hand has kept moving, even though his brain has long since been disengaged…

You could never guess –
But you do know me…
You know, but onward the journey
Guessing. With out a map. Without a star
No Compass
Entering uncharted territory
Walking down here is so undoing the Soul.
It would be easier to fly
And so, see all there is
To be Free
It is colder up in these reaches
But far clearer.
As clear as
Gods eye.
Tied to the fast lane
In the Red Queens Race
We see only the track
Oblivious of the cheerful, scorning
Crowd of non-Participants
We believe their chant
To be the truth –
That we have The Wings
And Dreams, beyond this ensorcelled realm of grey sleeping mass
We see………
Points of light in the emerald green beyond
Where the speed of thought
Is Winged with Fire
Power beyond the
Starless and Bible Black
burden –
Is ours for the taking - only we ACT NOW.

But if wishes were fishes, we would all cast nets as the old saying goes.And as rain falls... Tears fall... In an endless circle All is water.
Useless ///// Useless ////// Useless ///////// Rain - falling upon the Ocean
Time? Enough...

Thats it for now - got people coming around for sundowners and snacks. Cant wait for your cooking

AAAALLLL My Love My Franco
From your Donna carissima ragazza xxxxxxx

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Donna preparing for her first Spring Ritual in Johannesburg.
On her left hand you can see her Black Pearl wedding ring that we spoke of on the very first night we met.
Donna had asked me about my work, and I told her I was working on my Black Pearl Project.

Donna immediately said to me: "I want a Black Pearl on my wedding ring".
And I had not even proposed to her. I had only known her for 15 minutes.
I got her a second Black Pearl ring for our First Anniversary.

That is why Donna is wearing TWO Black Pearls.