“Donna on Sirius - Perseverance in Love" by me - for Donna
My ship coming to the rescue of Donna Darkwolf - The Girl Who Plays My Heart with Her Burning Violin.

Donna posing on the rocks at Blouberg Beach, with a Violin.
Saturn, WOLF and Burning Violin by me. WHY NOT??
She is, after all, My Shiny Wife.

Donna Darkwolf Tells Me - There Is No “Back Button”

from:  Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
to: Franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com,
moreno franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com
date: Jun 15, 2017, 06:45 AM
subject: I Have a Singular Story to Tell You My Franco

From the minute I laid my eyes upon you – I knew we were destined for a great and wondrous journey together.

TEN years of the most energetic days of my life.

I have lived more in these TEN years – than the previous 40 years

So much passion, excitement, fun, pain, exertion, danger, excitement, and finally, Exhilaration.

We stand together upon that mountain peak. Above the clouds.

Surveyors of Infinity.

I know you never had any doubt, bec u r a soldier

And that gave me the strength to ‘keep moving forward’,  as you are wont to say.

“We pay for everything, with Our Lives”, you said.

“We just have to decide WHAT we wish to pay FOR”

You said that. On our wedding night, when u said –

You would ‘serve all your days – in the service of our love’

Only then did I grasp the immensity, extent and gravity of my Mission.

It is no longer about myself

but about you, and all those I have touched

My decision will affect many lives

However, I am confident that you will make my transition cheerful and peaceful.

You are just GOOD, this way

Having entrusted you with my Heart – entrusting you with my Exit is a ‘walk in the park’.

As you are wont to say... my franco.

more than my soldier, and my minion

and more than my lover and husband

you are my angel – and best friend

Live long. Prosper.

I will see you on Sirius...

I want to be loved by you

AGAIN! My Franco

Meanwhile - tomorrow is a public holiday, so you and WOLF can take me for a lovely Lunch!
Any of our favourite spots will do - just so long as I can look at you and hold your hands.

As always – your Immortal Beloved

Bella Strega. Donna Darkwolf

"I Love the Craziness of Being Us."

The Donna Darkwolf was in the habit of buying greeting cards that appealled to her "sensibility" and and altering them to suit her "Message".
"To Wit... For Example... And as Evidence... I present... Exhibit 27-A... Mi-L'ud!"
In the best Queen's Council, snotty English accent.

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