“Smoking Lounge" by Trio Leo

I Love Being Your Birthday Girl

Note on "Taking Care Of Your Witch". Witches need to be fed REAL BEEF, at least once a week. Other wise things will start going BADLY. For You. Pay Attention.

from:  Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
to: moreno franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com
date: Feb 24, 2017, 11:30 PM
subject: a HUGE thank u MY FRANCO

Thanks for taking us all the way to durbanville to my favorite cattle baron!!!
it was a wonderful surprise. although by the time we were passing belville , i had pretty much figured out/hoped that that was where you were taking me.
I always luv being yr birthday girl my franco
you make me feel so special everyday
and thanks for the lilies and the chocolates and the FUKEN DAFT CARD
so funny
XXXXxxx ur Donna Ragazza

gdnite my only franco

WOLF's New Badge Blazing

Celebrating Donna's Birthday - 24-02-2020
I got the WOLF a new Star. The previous one is going into the ocean with Donna. Over the years, Donna's habit, and my own, of kissing two fingers and caressing them across WOLF's star, have removed most of the paint

Donna's Favorite Flowers

I start at the place Donna first intimated that this is where she wants her final dust-off. Of all the bunches of flowers at the supermarket, this was the only bunch of its kind left in the display

See Egypt from Donna's Bench

We often came here for breakfast on Sundays, and she would just want to sit here in silence and gaze at her ocean. When you click thru' look at the extreme left of the photo , there is a rock pool beyond the cement wall, where half her ashes were scattered.

Donna and The Sea

Donna looking beautiful, standing in the surf on a Sunday morning. On this very beach, on our way to breakfast...

Almost Donna's 7767

And, as I am leaving - lo and behold, here is a number plate with almost the number that was issued with her cremation ashes.

A Whiskey at Cape to Cuba

A whiskey at Donna's favorite Kalk Bay restaurant with a view of the two beacons where half her ashes were scattered.

Almost Donna's 7767

Walking across the parking lot... here it is again. I havent seen this sort of coincidence in months.

The Walk to Donna's Beacons

Always a magnificent view. I know why Donna used to come here when she was studying at the Bible Institute of South Africa

Donna's "Witchy Glass"

Left. WOLF's hood star. Now transferred to the internal dash. WOLF has a NEW 3rd Eye.
Replaced hub cap. As I replace parts of WOLF, I send the old parts to Donna. In The Sea. In a hundred years they will be a piece of her.

Dust Off. Donna's Flowers

Her hand cut whiskey glass and her favorite flowers.
This is one of the beacons she and some of her Bible College friends used to hang out at for a "few beers".

The View Toward Egypt

Facing north towards Egypt. Donna's plaque on the north side of the beacon, faces the southern side of the Great Pyramid, where an identical plaque is buried with along with some of Donna's hair.

Where Donna's Voyage Started

The reverse view, to ward the Bible Institute of South Africa, where Donna studied.