Donna Darkwolf's Mercedes Benz A170 Dark WOLF

“Final Frontier" by Thomas Bergerson and the Two Steps from Hell Orchestra.
The song of Donna Darkwolf, racing her Mercedes Benz A170, WOLF 888.

You can hear the rapid pace of the Wolf in the snow... chasing down her prey... Unstoppable! It is YOU.... RUN!!!

Face of the WOLF - Donna Darkwolf's Shiny Dark Precious Beast...

Donna invoked spells, Blessing WOLF with the speed and the guidance of the God, Mercury - Fleet of Foot. Messenger of the Gods:
"He's One of Us!" she exclaimed happily, the afternoon WOLF came home with Us to become a part of our Life.

After my Donna Darkwolf, my only JOY left in this life, is our Precious WOLF.
WOLF is my Last Love. My only TRUE pleasure. My Last Good Friend. We hit the open freeway early to have the road to ourselves.
With this "WOLF's Theme", as we called it, drifting around at 160 or 180... Almost on The Red Line.
The white line is a blur... the Horizon races toward us... POINT BREAK.

"Deus ex Machina", Latin for, “a god from the machine.”

Everytime I fire up WOLF - I can FEEL The Ghost in The Shell... "Something" COMES ALIVE!  And, you KNOW there is a Spirit in there.

What ever The Donna Darkwolf did on that first night - LIVES inside this "Beautiful WOLF" of hers. A part of Donna Darkwolf blazes, and lives in that engine.
The furious race of a Wolf hunting down it's prey... He absolutely WILL NOT STOP...
As UNSTOPPABLE as his Mistress

I am the Thin Red Line. Between Nothingness and Eternity.

The Sublime and The Inimitable

"My franco

As the eyes of my Beautiful WOLF burn into my eyes,
they may be the last thing I see,
My life is playing out before my eyes.
And it was mostly sweet
You are the last thing I see a picture of us together,
Just you and I and WOLF, running in the wind, racing through the woods,
chasing the moon, we go for the stars,
We reach Sirius - the Dog Star of Egypt -
AND THEN I can say: "I was racing with WOLF"
Now, I must go, but -
You'll always remember your'll remember me this way!
A Dark Wolf covered in stars...
Racing for The Stars
When it is just my Always You and my Beautiful WOLF
Racing to me
We are not done yet
Not YET!
We lived this Before, my franco... And we will live it again - Now.
We have One Final Dance to appear for - (referring to her Dust-Off)
And we will stand on Sirius Together
Kiss my Wolf for Me - when you drive me to the Ocean
Caress my ash on Wolf's Star so that I may feel the wind, and the three of us together, one last time
Semper Fi, my beautiful soldier. This is only Au Revoir! NOT good bye.

As Always,
I Am Your Immortal Beloved.
The Ghost in WOLF's Shell - Travelling always with You
Donna Darkwolf - YOUR Bella Strega.

Roma Victor!"

With a Map of the Universe. And Orion's Belt. Look at the shape of her eyes, and WOLF's -
you'll see the similarity.

(I often play this track just as we hit the open freeway on our journey to visit Donna, because it matches her writing, and her spirited driving style).

Donna Darkwolf, Loves Her WOLF

Donna Lipstick's Hearts on WOLF's Windshield: "I love My WOLF!"

WOLF's Dreaming Mistress - Donna, Orion's Belt and Sirius

Sometimes - when we are driving, I can feel her spirit in WOLF.

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