Donna Darkwolf off to Dinner in Red

"Donna's Theme" by Unknown. Another of Donna Darkwolf's songs of 'The Glory and the Magick of This All!'
I am off to dinner with my Girl from Sirius, Donna Darkwolf, in Red

I had spent all afternoon painting out our lounge. Before we return all the furniture.
I decide to use the empty room for this shot, as we leave for dinner. Beautiful!

I tell Donna as we leave: "You want Dinner? I dont care about your f*kken dinner! I Am Waiting For MY Dessert"
As I take this shot - I am Lost in Admiration of my Shiny Wife Donna Strega.
Which sets Donna off into peals of laughter. And an imperious retort:

Donna replies cheerfully: "If I do not GET DINNER SOON! There will be NO DESSERT, Soldier!!!"
I reply wearily, in my snotty English Butlerese: "Veddy Good M'Lady. Now just Stand The F*K still. So I can take the F*kken Picture!

KLIK! "THe-n-n-n-ggg Kewp! If it would please M'Lady - May I escort you to The WOLF!"
Donna turns, flinging her arm out, fingers fluttering in agitation: "Lead On! MINION!... I am YOUR'S to ENCHANT! Lead On!"

天狼星 - Tiān Lángxīng. Sirius - The Heavenly Donna Darkwolf. In The Mouth of The Wolf.

Mission: Create. Re-Affirm. Move Forward.

In ancient China Sirius was called 'Tiān Lángxīng', the 'Heavenly Wolf'.
Unrelated to Egypt, Greece or Rome.

There are many traditions of the relationship between the star Sirius, and dogs.
The most intriguing of all such traditions is found among many of The World’s People’s
Here there exist a remarkable number of traditional names for Sirius amongst the native peoples of North America.
For example: 'Moon Dog' in Alaskan Inuit; 'Wolf Star' to the Pawnee Indians; and 'Wolf that hangs by the side of Heaven' to the Northern Osage Indians.

And here I am.  Going out to dinner with MY Heavenly Wolf!
Now I am DEFINITELY "In Bocca al Lupo" - in The Mouth of the Wolf!
"In Bocca al Lupo" is Italian for "Good Luck".

In Chinese: 在狼的嘴里 - Zài Láng de Zuǐ Lǐ

Donna wrote: “My Franco. What took us so long? We taught each other… through trial and error… loving and arguing… to finally learn to Love Wisely, and Well.”

Because of the Darkwolf’s erratic sleep-cycle and bouts of insomnia, we had developed a means of communication.
She may be awake, and I asleep – when she would write her thoughts to me.
And I would find them in my e-mail the next morning.
Me at my studio. She asleep.

I wrote to her: “Whenever I recall your face
I could drop my losing hand with grace
But love, no other arms will take your place
In the oceans of your eyes
Lies a look I recognize
A glance that leaves me dancing
See my Donna Cara Strega, that Heaven is a place
Whenever I recall your face...”

Darkwolf wrote back: “Our love is easy
When we meet it's like our very first kiss
Never growing tired of the endlessness of Our Crazy Love
It's a simple thing, we need no ring
Because our love is easy
Like water rushing over stones”

Don't Leave Me Waiting…

I wrote back: “Non lasciarmi aspettare
Don't Leave Me Waiting…

I didn't take long to fall in love with your mind
I won't mention the way your body fits perfectly with mine.
I reckoned from your outlook on life,
I knew this would be more than a “Forever Project”
To love you

I already bought the idea of US
Just tell me where to sign, Donna
Don't Leave Me Waiting…

The Best Gift is You - Darkwolf

My Shiny Wife, Donna Darkwolf replied: "I Only EVER had One Wish.
You were IT then. You are IT now.
Just as I never imagined being in the arms of such a beautiful soldier as you
And you have painted and dreamed me - never imagining the Dream to Leap Free of our imaginations...
Diana and Mars...
Me - The Huntress of The Moon serving the Goddess of Love - while you served Mars, the God of War.
A Witch and a Soldier.

We are down to The Wire now... We must take that 'Leap of Faith'.
I Trust you to complete that which I start.
Each Other is All We Have.

Your Bella Donna Strega - Donna Darkwolf

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