Donna Darkwolf at Harbour House Restaurant in Kalk Bay

Love Light by Unknown. Lunch-out driving music, as Donna and I head off to some place she discovered on the web "that has a fantastic menu and great views!"
Donna Darkwolf takes us to lunch at Harbour House Restaurant in Kalk Bay. It was here that she told me, while we were discusing her impending suicide, that when she was gone, I was to scatter her Ashes at the light beacon, at the end of the sea wall.

I Always Love to Have Lunch by The Ocean with Donna Darkwolf

Sunday Lunch. Sea. Serenity at Donna's many favorite restaurants...
Donna would sit, holding my hand - and just gazing out at the Sea, watching the birds, or the seals if we were in the harbour.
We would not speak much. She was here for the Serenity - and holding my hand was enough to comfort her.

Conversation only started when the food arrived. Then she became animated and chatty.

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Donna at Harbour House Restaurant in Kalk Bay

Sunday Lunch @ Harbour House

In her student days she and her fellow students from the Bible College in Kalk Bay, would drink at the end of the pier... WHA-A-A-T???

Donna at Fishermans Wharf in Hout Bay

Lunch @ Fisherman's Wharf

Donna loved the Fish 'n Chips at Fisherman's Wharf in Hout Bay - but always peeled off the batter...
As she smiled for the shot, I said:
"NO! Look Haughty. Imperious! Look down your nose!

Donna at Santa Anna Spur. V and A Waterfront

Santa Anna Spur. V&A

After a sunset boat cruise around Cape Town Harbour - Donna wants the Spur Restaurant, at the V&A Waterfront. "I NEED my Beef Ration! Soldier!".
Why not?... For a beef something - obviously.

Donna Darkwolf Contemplating The Ocean

Donna Darkwolf at Breakfast - Contemplating The Ocean

There are moments which mark your Life. Moments when you realise nothing will ever be the same again.
And Time is divided into two parts.
Before This - and After This

I realise, while I am looking at my Shiny Wife through my camera lense, that I am seeing her in a way I don't normally perceive.
The camera lens has a way of "freezing attention on the moment".
And, I am seeing Donna drifting in the Ocean, in her dreamy mermaid realm.

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