A Sunset Tango Waltz with Donna Darkwolf

"La Bambola" (The Doll) by Sara Lov. Off her album 'I Already Love You'. Donna bought it for the title and this song.
"I have a surprise!", while I am cooking.
She puts this in the CD player, selects this track, and spins gracefully around to me, gaily flinging her arms out:
"Dance Me AWAY-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y!" - Into a slow tango-waltz we go, surrounded by the aroma of curry.
Only my Shiny Wife knows how to 'surprise' me.
A Sunset Tango Waltz with Donna Darkwolf

Always Dancing on The Edge of Wonder with Donna Darkwolf

I wrote this to Donna after we had been lunching all day at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate.
We had been discussing her Voyage.
She was very excited and vocal.
She had intimated once that we should take off together.
But when I said: “And who will fetch us?”

That stopped her in mid-flight: “Dumb idea, sorry", she said – "I want it to be you who fetches me - like you always do".
"At least I will have the peace of knowing that My Minion is in charge of my wishes".
"I Promise, I will ALWAYS fetch you in the morning".

Laughter. Clink of Glasses
And the live band starts with this song.

She wants to DANCE!
We are the only people dancing! A Slow Paso Doble!?
And The Donna Darkwolf and I blow away the diners.

Only my shiny wife could pull this off.
Those of you who know the Donna Darkwolf will know what I mean.

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Subject: I Promise I Will Fetch You in The Morning

Donna Ragazza Mia (For Readers: Ragazza in Italian, means Young Girl)

As one who has seen your wings often enough...
I have been someone’s Angel.
At some point in their connection to me.

It is not fun.
There is always an Element of Tragedy in their life’s journey.

Only Angels Like Us Will Ever Know... What a Promise Means

We were / are / will be their Breath of Angels
Everywhere for One Thousand Yards as we fly in to rescue them.
When we marched into a Court House
When we defied Municipal Laws
When we showed the indefensible, to be indefensible
To be a scam of light and shadow
When we stood against the corrupt and venal.

We were your Angel when you were in a corner.
We were your Angel when We had to prepare your corporate presentation materiel.
We were the Angel to bullet your abusive boyfriend.

We were the Angel who got you out of the country.
We were the Angel who got you out of (Enter Cause Here)


There are no Guardians for those Angels like us, Donna Ragazza Mia
There might be the secret hand-shakes between airline pilots
Who else is going to get you killed in the empty, limitless sky?
At 860 kph?

No one looks out for us Angels.
Our ship is always there - watching

Well, you Have Known Me.
You KNOW who, and WHAT I am.
You know what I have done.

And I know exactly what I am looking at when I look at you Donna Darkwolf, My Shiny, Precious Wife.

IF you watch movies: I am The John Wick in your life.
Not your best friend – but there when you need me.
Angels are not best friends with anyone.

No one deserves our friendship – for none can ever be able to return that friendship.
They may only enjoy the “moment of friendship” and remember.

Perhaps the memory may give them a moment of pause.
And they may understand.

And they may become an Angel.

All by Themselves.

You know what I am talking about, mia Donna Strega.
YOU do it all the time! Mia Donna Cara!
And I know you the same way, Donna Ragazza Mia
I know exactly what you are.
I always have.

We are able to look at them.

We are right here – Invisible, until they SEE!

LISTEN! Everywhere.
For One Thousand Yards!

I am Here with You.
I know your love for me – And I am truly blessed.
So start with THIS.

Now that You have found your Peace - Donna Mia,
Remember me, my Dark Shiny Wolf.

I will need Una Strega, one fine day.

Listen for me!… and then, come and Fetch Me! LOL
It’s YOUR turn, Darkwolf

Fetch me for a change… LOL!
If anyone will fetch me, your Dragon - it's going to be You!
(As one Angel to Another)

I love you my Shiny Wife - My Only Love and Beautiful Friend.
Donna Darkwolf. Mia Ragazza!
Your Flight Lieutenant


Donna's Minions in The Park

NEXT: Your Donna Strega

End of Line

Donna Darkwolf Vos – published author (books), papers & magazine and journal articles, keynote speaker and participant at many conferences in USA, UK and South Africa.
As a Wiccan Arch-Priestess and founder of the Circle of the African Moon, she was a Pioneer, media personality, teacher, lecturer and counsellor.

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