Donna Darkwolf arriving at the the Great Pyramid of Khufu

“1492 - The Conquest of Paradise: Light and Shadow" - by Vangelis - with a "Franco" intro.
(Above: Donna Darkwolf arriving at the the Great Pyramid of Khufu)

Crank Up the VOLUME! Donna's Sunday music wafting out across our garden.
The choir of Angels sing, in the Cathedral of her Mind.

Donna darkwolf arrives at the GATE WAY portal!
I can SEE The Donna Darkwolf striding with Slow Majesty. Pride and Magnificent Purpose.
Across Egypt's Timeless Sands to meet Destiny.
Triumphant! Victorious!

Stepping into Harm's Way! Sword drawn. Shield braced.

Battle-worn. Battle-hardened.
Bloodied. And Scarred.
Yet - Unbroken.

The sound of Heaven's Trumpets greet the Warrior returning from a battle - well fought, and WON!

SEE! The conquering Hero Comes!

Every Man and Woman Must Make One Pilgrimage In Their Lifetime.
This is MINE!
My Hajj. To take My Donna Darkwolf to Egypt.
So that she can voyage to Sirius.

Donna Darkwolf's Conquest of Paradise. From The Great Pyramid, to Orion's Belt and Sirius

From Donna's music collection. Her Sunday morning music. She could "listen to the Angels sing"  in her beautiful, secluded garden.
The solemn cadence.
The massed choir in that Cathedral of Her Mind.
Sheer grace and power.
AND she LOVED the idea of conquering Paradise. My shiny witchy wife.

Donna Darkwolf loved Egypt. In her heart she marches across those timeless sands. She worked so that she could travel.
Egypt was her solemn "Hajj".
She never went for a holiday in Egypt. She holidayed in other countries.
Egypt was her pilgrimage. She went there to sit at the Pyramids. Walk around them and wonder. Touch them. And wander in the blazing sand.
Egypt was her regeneration of her Spirit.
"I go to empty my Mind"

FINALLY. Arriving at THE Pyramid at 11:53

Seven minutes to go. Cutting it Fine!

The Pyramid Road from the Airport was very busy.
My Guide knew that I had to be at the Pyramid for mid-day, and although we left the Cairo Novotel Hotel at a reasonable time, the traffic was just unduly heavy, and our driver had to do some nifty dodging and weaving in the traffic.

Today is 1 November 2018. Eleven years since the day Donna and I met, in 2007.

And now I have SEVEN minutes to get to the North Face, which is right behind me, to get to do Donna's Ashes Ritual in The Sand. As per her request:

"Take me to Egypt for our Anniversary, my Franco".

And. So here I am. In Donna's "favorite" Hawaiian shirt. One of several she gave me for my birthday on January 01, 2017.
(Note the Time-Stamp of the image).

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Preparing Donna for Egypt

A small ritual. Placing some of Donna's remaining ashes into the small bottle with her ceremonial spoon, and a tress of her hair into the purple container

Great Pyramid North Face Noon

Arriving at the North Face on the 11th anniversary of our first meeting: 1 November 2007. She always wanted us to travel to the Egypt she loved. Now we have. 11th Anniversary on 1 / 11. All the One's.

North Face Ceremony

After emptying her ashes on the sands of Egypt, I collected some sand to bring home. A reminder of Donna, timeless in the sands of the place she loved

South Face 7 minutes to 1pm.

Just by coincidence "SEVEN". My guide told me that the Mastabas at South Face where I was about to bury Donna's hair, was the place where the wealthy of Egypt were all buried. Donna is, at least, in good company.
Close to King Khufu's solar boat shed.
Check the time-stamp on the photograph.

South Face Ritual

The purple box of Donna's hair also contains a laser-etched steel plaque, identical to the ones on her bench, and Light Beacon 1 at Kalk Bay, along with a laminated photo of her. The steel will last for thousands of years. Who ever finds it can read about her on the internet.
The Lindt chocolate tin with the 8 crystals, containing some of Donna's Ashes, has been coated with a resin polymer to seal it from the atmosphere for Eternity.
(Coke can added for comparison)

Donna at the Pyramid of Khufu

Here is a map of the Pyramids and the Gizeh Necropolis. "City of the Dead". The launch-site for Donna's journey to Sirius A, starts at the physical representation, on Earth, of Orion's Belt - in the Orion System. Orions Belt points at Sirius. The Dog Star.
A Wolf is a type of Dog. Donna Darkwolf travels...

Map of Orion on Donna's Shirt

A shirt Donna's mother designed and made. Donna's favorite. A Star Atlas. I told her, when I first saw it: "That's Orions Belt!", never knowing 10 years ago, that I would be writing this today. Prophetic? You might find this notion Ironic. But don't worry. You'll come around

Finding Sirius

Before she checked out, amongst her many writings, Donna said to me: "Find me in Sirius". Sopdet is the ancient Egyptian name of the star Sirius and its personification as an Egyptian goddess. She was combined with Isis as a goddess, the divine mother of the universe.

Significance of Orion's Belt. Star Map of Orion

From The Pyramid Texts, amongst the oldest religious writings in the world, we know that the ancient Egyptians believed that the gods descended from the belt of Orion and from the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. Critically important to Egyptian cosmology, Orion was associated with the god Osiris, and Sirius was associated with the goddess Isis, who together are believed to have created human civilization.

On the Lawns of the Cairo Novotel Airport Hotel

Morning at the Cairo International Novotel Airport Hotel.
Pleasant 4 Star experience. Amazing Middle-Eastern Cuisine. Excellent service.
But, understandably, a premium price on whiskey.

"Everything Has its Wonders... Even Darkness and Silence". Helen Keller.

Pictures of my Journey - Pictures of my Joy
The North face of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, where Donna Darkwolf's Ashes are scattered on the wind, over in Egypt's Timeless Sands.

"Do not sing sad songs for me,
Forget your grief and fears,
For I am in a perfect place
Away from pain and tears

It's far away from hunger
And hurt and want and pride,

Source: Jenifer Thigpen
Writer: Jenifer Thigpen

Au Revoir, My Beautiful Donna. But Not Goodbye

Departing Cairo. Runway CAI 5-Right gave me a perfect opportunity to see Donna Darkwolf's final resting place at the Great Pyamid of Khufu.

I am certain that this is a P.R. flight by the Egyptian Tourism Authority.
The flight path to Dubai is South-East - meaning that the flight should take off on Runway CAI 23-Left.

This flight looping around The Pyramid is flying South-West.
Breath-taking Bonus!  It gives all the departing tourists one last look at the reason they all came here to see.
Just imagine. Only four days ago, I was on my knees in the Mastaba's, the ancient "House's of Eternity" where my Shiny Wife's hair now rests, amongst the royalty and the elite of that ancient kingdom.

Based on the location I chose, there is an excellent chance Donna's hair will lie there for hundreds if not thousands of years.
The area is not a popular tourist attraction.
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