Double-Star System of Sirius

"Earth To Mars" - by Jennifer Athena Galatis - JAG Productions. Montreal, Quebec, Canada ... > FLIGHT by Franco

WOLF's Hailing Signature. . . if it were converted to Sound.

Donna Darkwolf on Sirius, Singing The Song of Songs of Scheherazade.

[Above: WOLF Hunting in The Sky - Approaching the Double-Star System of Sirius.
Inter-Planetary Survey Vessel, I.S.V.WOLF-888 commencing entry approach at the Sirius System. 102 Light Days out]

Before she left, Donna said to me: "Find me on Sirius. I will be waiting for you there".

Well, Okay. Here we go... off to the Sirius star system!

Sirius is the brightest star in the Southern sky. Since the stars are not truly fixed and actually change their relative positions over the long course of time, Sirius will eventually come to within 1.6 degrees of the south celestial pole in 66270 CE.
Declination: -16° 42' 58.02" from the Solar Ecliptic.

Sirius in the Constellation Canis Major

Sirius in the Constellation Canis Major

Why are we going to Sirius? Before Donna Darkwolf departed, she said:
"We will meet again… Find me on Sirius”

In the Dogs collar, lies Sirius, a blue-white star 8.611 light years distant, and radiating more than 20 times the energy of our own sun. The brightest star in the night sky. Just over 8 and a half years away.
Amazingly! 8 + 6 + 1 + 1 = 16. 6 + 1 = SE7EN. The rising of Sirius marks the flooding of the Nile in Egypt.

Sirius is recorded in some of the earliest astronomical records. Its displacement from the ecliptic causes this heliacal rising to be remarkably regular compared to other stars, with a period of almost exactly 365.25 days holding it constant, relative to the solar year.
This occurs at Cairo on 19 July (Julian), placing it just prior to the summer solstice and the onset of the annual flooding of the Nile during antiquity.

Anubis The Dog Protecting The Gates of the Under World

The Dog Protecting The Gates of the Under World.

Sirius, known as the "Dog Star", reflects its prominence in its constellation, Canis Major (Greater Dog).
The expression, "Dog Days" refers to the period from July 3 through Aug. 11, when Sirius rises in conjunction with the sun, over Egypt, and the Nile River..
Donna took off on 7 July for a reason.  I don't know what it is. YET.
My Shiny Wife loved her dogs. She named herself "Darkwolf", after a type of Dog.
The most organised and predatory Dog on the planet.

Which DEFINITELY would describe my Shiny Wife... IF she ever appeared in court.

The Wolf is Donna Darkwolf's shamanic Guide. And she registered her Mercedes Benz as "WOLF 888". Her "Precious Beast". She loved so much.
The Donna Darkwolf really loved her dogs: Borg, Gremory, Vagaw and Laughing Boy. So I suppose Sirius makes perfect sense, as a "Destination".
Why would my shiny Darkwolf NOT head out to the brightest place in the Southern Sky? Except to SHINE!

I Want to Have an Adventure - Imagine Arriving in the double-star system of Sirius.

Inter-Planetary Survey Vessel - Registration: I.S.V. WOLF-888
              - Bound for Sirius Aboard the Inter-Planetary Survey Vessel - Registration: I.S.V. WOLF-888 - Bound for Sirius - 102 light days out

Donna Darkwolf wrote me: "Find Me On Sirius. You have found me twice before - you will find me again :D"

Donna Wrote: "Oh! What a beautiful world lingers.
So close, and yet, so far away - That it is almost unachievable.
The dream surrounds Us...
IT Lives...
And we are blind to it.
The Program is Running.
The Dream is Living.
And we are not.
With, or without Us,
the Dream will continue and we - in a blink?

Wake UP! Soldier!"
Sent: 01 07 2017 - 11:15 AM

Scheherazade’s Song of Songs - 1

Inter-Planetary Survey Vessel WOLF-888
              - Mnemosyne DreamState Computer Server Hall

Donna and I meet for a Secret Lingering Kiss in Server Hall 188
A Thousand Days
A thousand beautiful things
A Thousand Nights
A thousand precious dreams

One day Beauty Knocked Upon My Door and asked: If I enter, will you love me?
I said : Yes I will

After I had cooked for her, she asked: Would you like me to dance for you?
I replied: That would be indeed an honor.
She danced her heart out. And breathless said:
I know some other steps.
Make Love to Me. I will show you.

And I made love to her…
And she showed me.

Scheherazade’s Song of Songs - 2

WOLF 888 Entering Sirius Star System

Imagine it... Interstellar Survey Vessel - ISV WOLF-888 - breaking out of WARP... to Sub-Light

I.S.V. WOLF-888 Entering Sirius System - 90 Light Days Out

[Above: Interstellar Survey Vessel: Registration I.S.V. WOLF-888. In-Bound. Entering Sirius System]

In the morning she said: You are wonderful. I love you.

After breakfast she said: I know a secret. Would you like to hear it?
I had to reply: Yes I would…

She said: Come with me to the Ocean, and I will tell you.
So I followed her

When we got there she said: I want your love, I want to be loved as wide as this Ocean. Will you do that?
I said I would surrender up my own life, and I would die loving her.

She lay down on the sand saying: Make love to me here by the Ocean. I am called Scheherazade.
Make love to me and I will sing for you…

And I made love to her. And she sang for me, and I will swear that I do not recall the words,
But I remember love, loving and being loved.

Scheherazade’s Song of Songs - 3

I.S.V. WOLF-888 Extending Survey Barbettes - 5 light hours out

We Only HAVE! Five Hours Left and I have to think...
And now, every day Scheherazade sings to me… I can hold her,
But not her words.
And every day I have to hold her again, look into her eyes again, to hear the words she sings.
Wash upon me like the waves of the Ocean we see and touch and hear...
Yet cannot hold.

I said to her: Will you not teach me the words.
She laughed and whispered: You know the words. Look in my eyes.
The words are written there on my heart. Like a mirror.

I laughed also: For I had been looking so long at her heart, I had not seen the writing.
Now I can.

She turned to me and said: I know another Song. Would you like to hear it?
I looked in her eyes and said: I know that Song.

I will sing it.
With You.

The sun blow the moon away.
Light me up for one more Day
Be without her?
I’d rather die…

The Sacred Veil of Her Hair

I.S.V. WOLF-888 crossing the Outer Solar Boundary of Sirius' planetary system.
"Extending Survey Barbettes"

Not far now... "Five Light Hours out  - crossing outer solar boundary - prep for deceleration.
Guidance Pre-Flight Uplink Loading
Deceleration commencing".

The Sacred Veil of Her Hair, always
Drifts from Day... to Dream...
From Life to Possibility
From Yearning to Realisation
From Fantasy to Forever

The body is as nothing
The breath on the kiss is as nothing
The shy tilted eye in anticipation
It is as nothing
The love-making is as nothing
The urgent voice and hot whispers
The cries in the night
They are as nothing…

If the face is not
THE Face
And the Eyes – the windows of the Soul
Are not
THE Eyes…
And if that mouth
Is not THE Mouth

Then, without these…
It is all… as nothing!

Her Mouth. What a Mouth…

I.S.V. WOLF-888 Crossing the Inner Solar Boundary of Sirius' Planetary System
not far now... "Forty light minutes to target - Target in Forty Minutes".
"40 light minutes out crossing Solar Boundary... Prep for Roll-to-Orbital Align.
Guidance Orbital Roll... loading
Go for Rolling on Final

Memory: My dark-haired Warrior-Priestess, This is how I recall you…

This is a mouth of secret, hidden mirth.
The corners are always just another muscle twitch away from a little smile.
People who talk about the Mona Lisa smile, don’t know anything...
The Cherub Cat is only a term in the Angel Tiger.
They don’t know anything – until they have seen this mouth.
The lips being what some fashion artists refer to as “bee-stung”.
A mouth that can lift at one corner, with a knowing, side-glanced smile… in a fashion I have not often seen repeated.
A mouth that can make a small moue of disappointment,
That will cause any man to change his mind about whatever it was he had done.
Or was about to do. Or wouldn’t do.

The mouth of Hotly Promised surrender, The Mouth of Utter Desire.
The mouth of Scintillating Sarcasm and Dire Wrath.
The Mouth of Saintly Benediction
And the Voice of All Dark Fears Born.
The Mouth of Love’s Love, of Love.

That Mouth!

It is a mouth made for kissing. Developed by kissing.
Destined to kiss the stars goodnight at the end of the Universe.
The Mouth of Fellatia, the Blow-Job Goddess of Heaven.
Oh it is a mouth… so capable of many other things too.
And still is... after all these eons passed.
A mouth that smiles just a invincible soft smile.
The smile that people attribute to the insane. Or to some kind of spiritual depth.
To be sure though: it is that smile I spoke of earlier, that was moulded from our secret heart of our very private experience of loving.
A smile like our own smile appears on the occasional face.
I imagine that to be how we recognized each other.
One knows One.

We know each other. Already.
One of Us.

My Scheherazade...?

Commencing Incoming "Rolling-On-Final" on Glide Path
Pilot Actual: "Time to Target - 22 Minutes...
22 Minutes to Target".
"General Alert!
"Set Condition ONE Throughout the ship!"
The Hunt Begins for the Proverbial "NEEDLE".

FUCK! 22 Minutes? C'Mon! Donna! I NEED More Time!

That you would spend a Thousand Nights, And, One Night With Me –
My Scheherezade...
Sing me your lullaby and tell me the Grand Story of Life as You Know It.
All of my days have been brighter days, a wonder of light and music,
Church bells and jazz guitars. You Fill my heart.
You get my Mojo Workin’
And Scheherazade?
Your stories never cease to fill me with wonder for living.
The day you stop telling; I will start dying.
Tell the story… Mi Corazón.

The only hands I can Imagine
When I look at my own - are these hands which touch you.
I have such clear recollections.
I would surprise you with my memory
I don’t think I care as much about my love for anyone, or anything, as I do for you,
or have about my memories of you.

I care only for you. Donna Cara
Everything else is just gravy!

My dark-haired beauty of my heart.
Ai ai ai ai, Ai mi Amor…
Ai Mi Morena de Mi Corazón
My Dark-haired Girl of My Heart

I think that only errors make miracles possible. And perhaps the next miracle in my life is not too far away.

Commencing Incoming "Roll-to-Align". On Glide Path. Five by Five. Steady as She Goes...

"16 Minutes to Target - Discovery! Planet S-6!
BSF Pre-Flight Link - up-loading
At T Minus 5 Minutes - We are Poling OUTSIDE 3 minute hold capability

“All my life, I worshipped her
Her golden voice, her Beauty's Beat

And the ground beneath her feet…
Mnemosyne - The Goddess of Memory”

If there can be A Miracle, it is that the universe created a PART OF ITSELF TO STUDY ALL
THE REST OF ITSELF – and that this part in studying itself, finds the rest of the universe in its own natural inner realities.
And here we are. Dreaming of being awake.

Maybe Death reveals to us, the essentials as Life cannot. I wonder what will happen.
I’m not concerned – only curious.
The way you feel when you have to leave a movie before it ends.

Mnemosyne DreamState Report > I.S.V. WOLF 888 Preparing to Achieve Parking Orbit Over Sirius S-6

Fourteen Minutes to Target
I.S.V. WOLF-888 takes up parking orbit on station, over planet S-6, after 777 days. Travelling at Warp 12.
11 Light Years per Ship's-Day.
"Mnemosyne DreamState reports - Cyclical Beacon Signal.
Repeats every 24 Seconds".
"Five by Five.
"Loud and Clear"

"Bring the Ship about... SIXTEEN MINUTES PEOPLE!"
"Prepare landing vessel. Crew assemble for dust-off"

"TLC to OTP... clear a path... Launching drone Alpha Mike 3... AM3 drone away... Confirmed
Recorder activation - Complete

“Sometimes you’re a fool”: you said
“Sometimes I’m not alone in that!” I reply nonchalantly, absently, blunt.

In Life, it may be the writing between…
The lines that counts,
The things unsaid.
The sights unseen. The non-kiss
The almost touched, the almost guessed at Opportunities.
The invisible kite tails
Flown in the wind of intercourse.
Few men climb the Mount Olympus.
But all climb the Venus Mount.
All go to worship
At the Secret Grove.

To die and be re-born.

Mnemosyne DreamState Report > I.S.V.WOLF 888. Hi-Orbit. Sunrise on Sirius 6

Twelve Minutes to Target
Time to Target - Twelve Minutes

Right now I want to deal with all those incidents from our past, that years later seem to be the stuff that dreams are made of.

The wash of shooting stars.
That alcoholic kiss and a squeezed breast. An afternoon on your front lawn.
A row of jacaranda trees on the road outside.
The early twilight with you hastily pulling off your dress…
"Just once more", you said… hot summer's horny teen-age girl, just getting the hang of how all this actually works…

Mnemosyne DreamState Report: I Am Coming to Fetch You. My Little Mermaid... My Starfish

"FIVE Minutes to Target... Target in FIVE Minutes"

The stars vanish in an instant like the starfish on the beach used to vanish…. slipping into deeper water and are gone.

To float in a misty dreams. Torn down in an un-numbered year to make space for a steel and glass hotel.

“Our Beach” where I first saw you, Starfish.
We do not know where it is gone.
Yet the mistake is to arrive at the illusion that the details do not matter.

Mnemosyne DreamState Report: L.V. 242 Launch-Cycle Commencing in Bay Five

FIVE Minutes to Target. Target in Five Minutes. Launch Cycle Engaged
Launch in Sixty...

All the collected pieces of our imaginific memory…
like trivial knick-knacks when seen against the roaring passing of time.
But without these water color paint sketches, awash in remembered color and detail…
Without the memory none of us amounts to much more, despite our airy dreams, than an impatient ghost –
Wandering through revolving years and into an increasingly strange and alien future.
And my best shot now is to become strange and alien…!!@!.

I.S.V.WOLF 888. Hi-Orbit Telemetry. Sunrise on Sirius - L.V. 242 Recorded from Remote AM3 Drone

Lets take a walk… "here", (kissing your temple)
"Give me your sandals"…
"Come. Take my hand". (Kiss your hand).
"Let’s go, Donna cara…"
Donna Mia Bella Strega - My Beautiful Witch.
My Only Love – and Beautiful Friend”.

"L.V. 242 - Is Running Solo. . . YOU ARE Four Minutes to Target. . . Stand By!"

The Sun Is The Minute Hand - L.V. 242 Running SoLo

THREE Minutes to Target!
Target in THREE Minutes

As purpose-filled, avenging Angels - we drop out of the sky....
Bringing What? Solutions? So-called “divine” biblical wrath? Love? Our own Rule Book?

We bring CHOICES You can Live Or Die By. Pick One.

Nemesis will be at somebody’s gate some day. Yours?

In our life, you only have two problems: How to be alone, or, How to be in good company.

When we are born, we are already nine months old.
The idea of passing from Chaos to Despair without any inter-transition makes me afraid.
And being a conservative anarchist is so stupid, so I am a fatalist instead.
And I am afraid of what I am.
So I need to restore certain values, so as not to be left with no values at all, Ángel el míos…

What could we end up being unintentionally? except,
lost as five thousand year old sandal-wearing plebes who did not / don’t understand a word.

The symbol does not express the logic of the experiment. Language is the phenomenon –
and examination of the phenomenon changes the experiment.

We are forever trapped in a synthesis of being in a precise place and time,
yet contemplating other places and times –
you proclaimed, going on to explain how we are unable to save ourselves ever, from this dichotomy.
From this contradiction: that of observing the unfinished worlds, infinite events,
denying the end of experiences,
yet transforming them as we observe them.

The way I transform you, by just looking at you.
And we fall out of the sky....

"T Minus Sixty Seconds to Target
Target in Sixty Seconds...
Brace for some choppy weather"

"Go So One Oh Four"

L.V. 242 - "One Mile To Target"

"Mnemosyne DreamState Report:
There appears... to be Just ONE! inhabitant on the planet.
Target confirmed. Touch-down in T Plus 02:56.
Four Seconds to touch-down
Landing in Three . . . LV 242 Touch-down. Stand by Go So One Oh Four

"I Have The Darkwolf"

Target appears... to have... built a fire?

Instead of just pretending everything is great...
I play my flute:
For all the Dancing Angels
And Snakes in Baskets
Maybe some day
You will see my face at the fountain
Or hear my name on some distant mountain
From there you will be able to watch the ship of fools run aground...
Beyond the Science of your Eschatology
There is Eschatuus
And have no other Science Before Thee
I will take my chances…
We say it was, or it is, or it shall be... when in truth – all we can say about things is that they ARE.

LV.242? 24 February.
For me? It's Christmas - and I want to open all my presents!
Nothing is quite as solid as we would wish it, nor quite as ephemeral as we might hope.
For many, Life’s map, sketched from our memory, is of a provincial little neighbour-hood, criss-crossed with regret and circumscribed by a few impassable roads...the hearts of so many people dwell in the same wilderness.

Yet I See::
"Rotate. Main-engine... Fire..."
"Entering atmosphere - get ready for some chop"
"Deploying gear... Thrust is 80 to Q-MAX..."
"Guidance... down range landing locked"

L.V. 242. Touch-down. Mnemosyne DreamState confirms Condition Nominal to Profile. All GREEN. AM3 Tracking

" Mnemosyne DreamState report: Target Aquisition Completed.  Alpha Mike-3 is powering up a mini survey drone AM25 to accompany the Flight Engineer, to record events...
"Make ready... in One...
"30 seconds to threshold... 15.... 5... Landed!"
"All Engines Stopped. Power off".
"Mission completed... LV 242 happy to announce - "In One Piece".
"Excursion survey team prepping to detail... Updates as they arrive... Standby..."
LV.242? 24 February.
For me? It's Christmas - and I want to open all my presents!

L.V. 242. Touch-down. Mnemosyne DreamState Records Target-in-Motion. Remote Alpha-Mike 3 Tracking

Passion... Like the SUN runs riot. All over so brightly making the colors of life seem grey:
and dance and burn in it... yearning for One Like You to dance with me.
And as I dice with Doomsday in this ballet dancers secret world, I recall...

Troppo Ballerina de Jazz… My Crazy Diamond.

What Next Donna Darkwolf? ...

I live mysteries all the time
Intrigued by them

They are my peripheral vision
Like watching other spirits
Playing their trumpets
Flying in their red robes
Round and round a marble statue
Of an angel in a marble robe
Who plays a trumpet
That with one blast
Crack this Universe asunder
In a bright scintilla of coruscating energy
Dissipating at the speed of Light. . .
A cloud of rapidly dispersing atoms and electrons stripped of their only worth

Up another day we see
Thru the crack,
Swarming butterflies
A million bright ambassadors
Of morning
In The Undiscovered Country

"We Are the Colors of Love?" as you Love to Say...

"I did not travel this far... To JUST TRAVEL THIS FAR! 
Get organised, Darkwolf! Get your gear together, My Love... We ARE LEAVING! Get To the WOLF!"

"Dead, Or Alive ... We Come Home Together" ... As Promised. I Am Here to Fetch You, Again

Walk up behind you and say: "It is morning... I'm Here to Fetch You?"
"I found you? Just as always?"
"What Next - Corazon?"
I would most likely say, as always: "Home in One Piece. I can hold you to sleep, Corazon".
As usual, you will say: "What are the chances of a Witch and a Soldier?"

I Have Found You Again Donna Darkwolf! Say...

As usual, I will say: "If any one ASKS... TELL THEM.. We Were doing OUR JOB!"
As usual, you will say: "You always fetch me in the morning, My Franco"
As usual, I will say: "Always. Semper Fi"
As usual, you will say: "Rock!"
As usual, I will say: "Never roll"
As usual, you will say: "We are Fine. Bésame. (kiss me)"
No matter.
Every day begins with a KISS.
As usual, you will say: "What are the chances of a Witch and a Soldier?"
As usual, you will say: "Keep Me..."

Say! Donna Darkwolf!... Go ON! Say - "We are The Colors of Love!"

As usual, I will say: "If any one ASKS... TELL THEM.. We Were doing OUR JOB!"
As usual, I will say: " I will always keep you, Donna Mia"
As usual, I will say: "Have I told you, today, that I love you?"
As usual, you will say: "No. You have not"
As usual, I will say: "Don't worry. I will Mia Strega."
As usual, you will say: "You HAD better."
As usual, you will say: "As Long as You Remember Me - I Will Never Be Too Far Away".
As usual, we say : "Home in One Piece. You, Me and WOLF."
Semper Fidelis, Mia Strega Donna.

We Have Another Life to Live

Now get in.
Strap in.

We have another Life to Live
Get your nice dress on
We are going dancing
WOLF is taking us out to dinner
We have the Whole Sky to ourselves.
salva me … salva me … salva me

Play Me a Tune on Your Burning Violin - Priestess Donna Darkwolf

We have all Eternity to play with, my Shiny Wife.
You have the Music I yearn for
You have those fleet fingers
And such a fine voice
And I have a good ear for a fine melody
We can also go dancing...

It is that air of delicate, god-given perfection;
Of dreams fulfilled, and divine tranquility;
It is immiscible... and so, so desirable;

Play my Heart on Your Burning Violin...
Mi Strega Corazón... Donna Darkwolf.
Play On, Ragazza! I am waiting to hear...

Mnemosyne DreamState Report: Landing Vessel L.V. 242 "Take Us Out of The World. Mission Complete".

Burn me away for One More Day
I said I would Fetch you in The Morning...
Here we Go! Strap In.
One LifeTime is Never Enough!

Mnemosyne DreamState Report - Darkwolf Recovery Mission: Complete

The Dark-Wolf Unit has been recovered.
Somewhat "worse-for-wear", after so long A Flight. Radiation corrosion. Light-Speed Dust Attrition. And such.
Yet, still Service Able.
As we depart Sirius S.6. I want one last look.
What a Journey...
Against All Odds...
The Donna Darkwolf is Back

Mnemosyne DreamState Report Un-Specified File: Walking In Fields of Gold

Here... Take MY HAND... WALK WITH ME... Donna Darkwolf
We are still children of the Universe
Never aging. Nor Dying. Just CHANGING.
Just as Caterpillars become Butterflies
Those Bright Ambassadors of Morning...

As always you are my Strega Borboletta.
My Witch Butterfly - Whom I Love into Eternity

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