Donna Darkwolf wears Orion's Belt

“A Heart Beat Away" from Mazda CX-5 "Ballet" commercial. Courtesy Grey Africa Agency. Producer - Lara Bayley
The Girl Who Wears Orion's Belt.

Donna Darkwolf and Gravity's Angel

from:  Donna
to:  Franco,
moreno franco
date:  Jun 24, 2017, 10:17 PM
subject:  RE: Gravity's Angel - Just a Heart Beat Away

You speak of gravity's angel
So hot and going in heavy
So combative and ... yet

so vulnerable.

Fetch me in WOLF at my door
Take me for a breakfast drive
I know you - I know exactly what I am looking at.
you have neither pretense
nor cover
you are therefore invisible
except for the ones looking for you

Thankfully i dont have to look for you
Gravity's Angel will find and fetch me
in the morning
for sunday breakfast with Wolf at my door.

I will go anywhere with you - in a Heart Beat

Mwah :D

Definition of "Keep the wolf from the door".

informal:  to have, or earn, just enough money to afford things (such as food and clothing), that is needed to live.
Having just enough to keep the wolf from the door.

Donna never subscribed to that notion.

She wanted the WOLF at her door.
On Demand.

Her own personal companion.

"My Lovely Wolf...



Glittering Black

I LOVE My Wolf!

And, my duty as a Soldier, to bring WOLF to the door?

I'm just her Minion... and the driver and keeper of The Wolf. LOL.

"My Pretty Beast" she would sigh. As she slipped into WOLF.
After kissing his star.
And sliding her hand all along Wolf's body work.

"Aahh! I have My Wolf. And My Soldier. Take me there!"

"Yippee! I'm going to breakfast with The Girl who Wears the Belt of Orion!"

(Follows: The Explanation about my ship - 3 AirMobil, and "Gravity's Angel")

Extract from: "Gravity's Angel - In Harms Way"

Can hear the call-sign.
Field radio is active.
Ships, inbound are only a minute away…tik tok.

I can hear The Breath of Angels everywhere for One Thousand Yards


Our ships come for us… They come for us… Long gone the dawn for the day

“Airmobil. Your Position. In two. Prep detail…over”

We are not dead. Yet.

Open my eyes

“This is your friendly tour guide. Welcome to Hell! DCS is northwest…. Touchdown… Extraction in fifteen seconds… Run, you buggers, runnnnnn…

Gravity’s Angel will lift us out of this dark place. We run to meet her…
To fly straight into dawns light.
Fly like an arrow to heavens heart.

You Raise Me Up
I feel you come and lift me
I hear your voice over stormy sea
I hang upon your shoulder
Take me close to thee

You Raise Me Up
To all that I should be
Make me proud
To fly so close to thee

I hang upon your shoulder
You raise me up
For my face to see

You Raise Me Up

Later, the stench will attract the flies…

*** A private War. Again.

Whap. Whap whup whup whoop whoop … rotors in slow motion

Swirling blades clear the smoke

Dust and debris drift about

the ships drop in slo-mo

Fiery the Angels Fell

Deep thunder roll'd
Around their shoulders: indignant
Burning with the fires of Orc

And we are back in The Business

"3 Airmobil to Zambezi Air Traffic...Bzt klick...orbiting at Outer Marker 93...Bzt klick...preparing to engage...Bzt klick...commencing run...Bzt klick...out"