Donna as the Goddess Kali

“Imperatrix Mundi - Queen of The World" by Jo Blankenberg. Position Music Publishing - "Cronos" (Time) Off a CD she bought. "Vendetta."
And blasted out every Sunday morning.

The Donna Darkwolf weaving her Magick in our lounge. Such a deep, warm Spirit of the Universe.
Photographed for an interview in Marie Claire or Cosmopolitan.
Original Track:

The Donna Darkwolf Vos Digital Memorial - "Imperatrix Mundi"

I have The Darkwolf breathing down my back. In my ear. Gasping down my Neck!!! Whispering...
Sors immanis
Et inanis,
Rota tu volubilis,
Status malus,
Vana salus
Semper dissolubilis,
Et velata
Michi quoque niteris;
Nunc per ludum
Dorsum nudum
Fero tui sceleris.
Sors salutis

I have a wife... and women are difficult enough.

A Priestess - who lives by the Knife.

A Witch born in fire - who wants me to taste the Fire, and become a Phoenix.

And a Dark Wolf sleeping in my bed. "To protect You", she whispers.

"I checked all the corners - Just as you said". She says.

I feel safer, Already.

First words out of my mouth, every morning: "I love You!"
First words out of her mouth: "I will love you after breakfast, Soldier!
Any chance of a half-decent meal? Lovely Minion of Mine?"

And while I fry us up a cheese omelette, with toast and coffee...
My Immortal Bella Strega, has this opera going - while she sets table in the garden.
"Oh... To Rule The World..."  she quips.
To which I reply, in my best Indian accent:
"Lett me control a Planets OXYgen suppLY! I WON'T care WHO iz in chardge!"

She is a delight – to explore her Mind. She may be difficult at times (it appears). Inconsolable with logic (it appears). Nibbling down to the sheer basics (it appears). I was Donna's "Minion", because of all the things I was doing for her so I listened.
She so loved the Minions from "Despicable Me."

Her Math is passable... But her mind is continually calculating every possible outcome, in any scenario. With cold, blue fire... to the Nth degree.

About this painting. I painted this in 1981. Donna was 19. I had never met her.
Yet she has appeared in many of my works. As You Can See Here.
But, finish reading this page first...

Donna is a gentle soul, who with little provocation, can become your worst nightmare. She knows that. I have her admissions of such.

We were lovers for a time... then we settled in to being adversaries. We were not fighting each other – so much as coming to terms with something in our each, own self.

She often scolded me for being a “martyr”, as if doing right by her and being helpful and accommodating to her, is to be a “martyr”... well, Donna, you are welcome to your own opinion.

It was only after she discovered The Minions, in the animated movie
"Despicable Me"  that she stopped admonishing me for "being a martyr", for doing things for her.

The Minions cheered her up immensely - and she was pleased to announce to me that she had her "own personal, private Minion!"

This discovery led her to occasionally address me variously as:
My Minion
My beautiful Minion
Funny Minion of mine
My precious Minion
She watched the Minions over and again - always making a new discovery in their humorous antics.
She was a "Goat-Footed Woman". Like a mountain goat.
How the hell do those creatures, with those hooves STICK to the side of a mountain precipice???
And its NOT magic. Fearless determination?
Stepping into harms way...?.... UNSTOPPABLE...

I was astonished to discover that I was her "hero". I always thought, and believed that Donna Darkwolf was my hero. And still is - today. One of Us!

Donna loved to proclaim - or whisper:
"What are the chances of a Soldier and a Witch? My Franco?
Calculate THIS!...I am waiting..."

I explained that THAT was why I was some times referred to as the Stainless Steel Rat by my Army comrades-in-arms... was because at the end of any shit thrown at me, I come out cold and shiny.

You can steal my heart and you can steal my soul. In the end – it is all shiny Steel.

Then you can Look In Me, and see yourself reflected. I am your mirror.
You see yourself in me.

Donna and I? We saw ourselves in each other.

It has been a humbling experience to discover that through all this, I was HER hero.
I never imagined I was a "hero". Even in the heat of battle. We were just doing a soldiers job. And if any one asks what we were doing? You can Tell Them:

"We were Doing our JOB!"

The person who threatened my life is, it seems, was testing my steadfastness, to match her own goals.
In pretty much the same way that I tested her to the limits of cold, hard logic.

The Donna Darkwolf and I were never just friends.

We were more like comrades-in-arms. Dont have to like each other. But you better be sure as Hell better be that upon which to depend upon, when the metal meets the meat.

Donna is and was my lover and my wife... yes. However, she is more than that.
The Donna Darkwolf is My Hero.

I have lost my last good companion... my last soldier. For now...

"This is only Au Revoir, my beautiful Soldier Boy - Not goodbye", Donna wrote,
"Find me on Sirius! The Dog Star.... Where all the dogs go
Borg, Gremory and your Dark Wolf will be waiting for you"

To discover that I was HER HERO?
Brought me to my knees. Shedding tears for the Last Soldier I have lost.

My Shiny Wife! Such a Noble Spirit I will track down. And again find Her.

My Only Beautiful Friend. My Shiny Wife. My Donna Strega Bella ...

Semper Fi.

AirMobil3 Will fetch you in the morning.
Find you
In the Undiscovered Country...
I will find you. Bring you back
AirMobil3 out... Rolling...
On our signal... love you Wolf... RUN!

Donna Darkwolf. Imperatrix Mundi - Queen of the World

I picture Donna in her star ship - raising the Light over The World.

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