Donna Darkwolf as the Egyptian Goddess Ma'at

Once in a Lifetime, a man may be fortunate to be Loved by a Warrior-Priestess such as my Bella Strega.
Today is my birthday, and the Egyptian Goddess, Ma'At, is taking me out to dinner. Disguised as Priestess Donna Darkwolf.

Attired in a midnight black velvet robe, with a black feather in her velvet head-band and her dark hair flowing about her
will definitely make heads turn.

With the added touch of her Pentacle, exotically sculpted silver rings, and the ruby-studded Scarab Beetle that
clasps the feather to her head-band, Donna will outshine all the other women in the restaurant.

Know that shining Grace and Beauty moved Serenely among you. Remember your thought, THEN. For you were "touched" by the Divine.

"Language of Love" by Unknown

Goddess Ma'At's Feather of Truth

The 7 Principles of Ma'At - The Goddess of Order

These Principles were the moral rule that helped the Egyptian people of the time to know what was right and what was wrong, and influenced their actions.
These seven principles, as practiced daily, by the Donna Darkwolf are:

Awareness of Cosmic Order is evident in early ancient Egyptian beliefs.

The ancient Egyptian priest-astronomers charted the heavens and noted that the earth responded to the orbits of the stars and planets.
The priests taught that mankind was commanded to reflect divine harmony by assuming a spirit of quietude, reasonable behavior, cooperation, and a recognition of the eternal qualities of existence, as demonstrated by the earth and the sky.

All Egyptians anticipated becoming part of the cosmos when they died, thus the responsibility for acting in accordance with its laws was reasonable.
Strict adherence to Ma'At allowed the Egyptians to feel secure with the world and with the divine plan for all creation.

Ever mindful of the concept: "As Above. So Below", the Donna Darkwolf constantly sought to "Balance" her life... There must always be Nothing

If you put some in... You must take some out...
If you take some out? Well you must put some in...

The Sum Must Always be ZERO!

"You cannot receive MORE than you put in.

With a feather - I shall Weigh Your Heart? Test YOUR Worthiness?"

250 Words for My Birthday Present

Donna asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

It was the first of my birthdays that we would be celebrating together.
I told her: "All I want is You in my life".
But she insisted.
So I said to her write me a letter in two hundred and fifty words.

After all, Donna is a wonderful writer. Is she not?

And sure enough she did. Just BLEW ME AWAY.

The BEST birthday present ever!

The most incredible letter I have ever been given, up till then.
Never knowing how many more would follow over the years.

Donna Hailing Me...

As the New King of The Kingdom

My welcoming card, the day I moved into her home.

Donna was so excited. She had bought us a bottle champagne.
And was surprised when I also presented her with a bottle of champagne.

Ma'At in Egyptian Mythology

In Egyptian myths, Ma'At was ruler of earth. She withdrew to the heavens because she was grieved by the wicked behavior of humanity.
Ma'At is thought of as living with an individual like his or her good angel and accompanying that person into the afterlife.

Eventually "joining Ma'At" became a euphemism for dying.

Ma'At maintained a vital role in the mortuary rituals of Egypt where she weighed the hearts of the deceased. 

This mortuary role evolved over the decades into the Principle of Ma'at, the desired Right Attitude, which remains the ethical and moral foundation of the Egyptian people.

The Principle of Ma'At

Ma'At is born of the sun god Ra (Atum) at the beginning of creation through the power of Heka, magic personified. Ma'at means "that which is straight: order, justice, and harmony. She is thought to have been present from the beginning of time.

In the moment that Ra spoke the world into creation, Ma'at was born -
Ma'At is the spirit of harmony and balance infused the creation and caused the world to operate rationally according to purpose.

Ma'At is the model for proper human behavior, conforming with the will of the gods, universal order in the heavens, cosmic balance upon the earth and the mirror of celestial beauty.

Such is the purpose of the existence of My Nefertiti - the Donna Darkwolf.
Grace. Compassion. Steadfastness. And SHEER WILL.

Just! DO NOT be on the wrong side of her.
You do not wish to learn what is meant by: "Inescapable, Divine Retribution".

If she says: "Underestimate me? This Will be Fun!" It is already too late for you...
Unstoppable Wrath has already begun... The Air will turn Blue... Good Luck!

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