Donna boarding the Starship Nectanebo 1

The "TranSolar Seven" class ship/ I.G.V. "Nectanebo 1" making ready for departure. The ships Registration number is Donna's birthday.
The Egyptian cartouche is the name: "Nectanebo". First King of the 30th Dynasty of ancient Egypt. and Lower Egypt.
I.G.V. is the abbreviation for "Inter-Galactic Vessel".

I picture Donna heading through a Departure Hall somewhere - Drifting Serenity amongst the chaos.
Checking in to board the 'Nectanebo 1'.
(The name "Nectanebo 1" is explained at the end of this page)

Day 777 - The Donna Darkwolf Adventure Continues - Mail from Eternity - Part 1

Mission: Search. Recover. Re-load.

My Donna Strega left me a red envelope: "Open after 777 Days X".
"TODAY IS THE DAY". 23 August. 2019.
This song represents Donna Darkwolf's peaceful and joyous Transition, her hasty "packing-up", and her eventual Happy Arrival, on Sirius. The Dog Star.
Looking just like all the times I collected her at Cape Town International.
Expectant, excited and... BEAUTIFUL.

Donna was intrigued by the Tom Cruise movie: Edge of Tomorrow. Not the movie itself - but the promotional title: "Live. Die. Repeat".

That tearing sound in this track is packing tape closing cartons )))

Hence Donna's line: "you have found me twice before, my franco. you will find me again. Who says re-incarnation doesn't work?"
777 Days since I bid farewell to my Shiny Wife.
111 Weeks.
18 648 Hours
1 118 880 Minutes. (Oh Look! - 888)
67 132 800 Seconds.

Not including the seven or so hours... between 9pm and 4 am... the time between seeing Donna Darkwolf to bed, and the time she marched off into the Undiscovered Country.

Coincidentally, 8 August is that day exactly half way between our birthdays. Counting from 24 February to 1 January.

"Open after 777 Days X"

AND... this?
the Donna Darkwolf can even arrange Mail from Eternity.

What's not to love about the girl!?

A romantic greeting card . 777 days old, still with the smell of her hands on it.

What I would do to kiss those hands once more.

BUT - there is always a surprise. Inside THIS envelope I have another card to:
"Open After a Thousand Days. A Thousand Kisses Deep"
That is 223 days from today. 2 + 2 + 3 = 7

Thanks, Donna. Only my Shiny Witchy Wife could arrange this.

Read Mail from Eternity Part II - 'a Thousand Days. A Thousand Kisses Deep'.

23 August. 2019. Friday.

A single type-written sheet of paper - with her perfume still lingering

Pour yourself a scotch for me, Soldier of mine
I am not gone
I never left
For I am waiting
In the room next door
Where one day we'll be together
Forever more.
Think of me in a flower
Think of me in the rain
Think of me when you hear
The larks' sweet refrain
Enjoy the warm sunlight
I'll chase away the cold
Cherish what we shared
And your heart will never grow old
For this is my love
That I bestow on you
To be always there
In what ever you do
Walking in the breeze
Or watching the clouds sail by
Just remember me
We never die
my franco
think of me xxxxxxx
I was your Witch Warrior Priestess. I still am.
I will again, be your Witch Warrior Priestess.
For now, I am YOUR Angel, who will "fetch YOU" in the morning. Mwah :D
Your Corazon Donna Darkwolf

Queen Nefertiti Arriving at Cape Town Airport

Donna in the Arrival Lounge in her "Subdued" Travelling Robe.
Cape Town International Airport.

My Queen Nefertiti returns home. All the other passengers look bedraggled.
Donna Darkwolf looks like Royalty.
Self assured.

One look at that serene face. And the Thousand Year stare.
If you do not know her - greeting her is "Off Limits!", OR, "Verboten!"

Until she sees me in the Arrival Hall...
Then she comes running into my arms, screeching my name...
Alarming all the other passengers from their torpid, post-flight daze.
Holding my Queen / Priestess / Witch... We kiss until we are out of breath.
"Quickly, Dear Minion of Mine! I beg of you. Take me home and hold me!"

Day Counter

The day after the Donna Darkwolf checked in to the Here-After Hilton, I searched for a Day Counting Clock.
In less than 10 secs, I found : So that I could track her 777 Day flight path to Sirius.

Day 777 Celebration - Donna's Bench. Blouberg

Oh, how I miss her. Her laughter and her smile.
I know that she lives forever in my heart…
Yet that is not the same as holding her hands that I used to kiss.

Still. I must remember.

There is no lament for the Fallen Warrior.

Only a desire to be As Bold and As Brave!

Shiny. Sharp. Braced.

We knew what we had signed up for...

Now. We just Soldier Up! and GET OUT THERE!

Donna's "One Last Dance" at Blouberg Beach

Sunday. 2 July 2017
We visit "Ons Huisie" restaurant, on Blouberg Beach for breakfast. Donna must have known this was our "Last Breakfast" together, yet she showed no sign of it.

She was her usual, talkative self. Relaxed and happy, as we dug into the usual bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast and the usual Amstel Beer.

What WAS unusual, was her desire to kick off her sandals and fling me her shawl.
Donna rarely exposed her skin to the sun for extended durations. But it was a mild cool morning - so I guess she felt safe. Frolicking at the Ocean's Edge
Or... she knew she would not be around for any consequence of exposure.
Ma Jolie Sirène. MY Beautiful Mermaid... "Enchantée, Ma Belle Amie"

Raindrops on The Sea. Donna Facing the Ocean Where She Will One Day Be

For Her
The Ocean
Than a Dream,
It is a Place
She needs to visit
To find herself.

And when she returned
To the city
I could see the Sun
In her eyes, the wind
In her hair, and taste
The infinite Salt
On her lips.

Jose Chaves

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