Donna at the Lord Milner Hotel

“Protectors of the Earth" by Thomas Bergersen and the Two Steps From Hell Orchestra

"Rise My Phoenix - From the Smouldering Ashes of This Life - And Fly!"

The Donna Darkwolf forwarded this to me... A Missive from her long-time friend and colleague.
Above: Donna in the Courtyard of the Lord Milner Hotel.

from:  Donna
to: Franco,
moreno franco
date: Jul 6, 2017, 8:06 PM
subject: RE: from Dale

The evenening before Donna travelled on.

Donna my imagined Phoenix

"Auraine". Painted about 12 years before I found the Donna Darkwolf.
I got her nose and face right. Dreamed of her for years. My Hero. My Witch.

Sent as I depart - From Dale.
About your "Imperatrix Mundi - Queen of the World"

Who can write a word after Franco’s poem ... or gathering of words that are so honest and from the heart? The heart is the place of many battles, many triumphs and many failures. To Lawrence Durrell I owe, “Who invented the human heart? And show me the place where he is hanged.” But, when all is done, the intellect comes a very distant second.

I am out of words of my own, and it is difficult to step away from making this about me, about what I want and what I wish for. It is about you and the right to choose. You have, for me, been my Phoenix who falls and rises again from the ashes to embrace yet another challenge. The Phoenix, of course, has to embrace remarkable courage in order to do this, and you have always had way more than I of this.

I believe very firmly in circles and cycles; some visible and some invisible, and that this Phoenix – or any manifestation of the Phoenix – carries courage and daring in worlds I cannot see. So you, my Phoenix, are never lost to me. What I mourn, I mourn selfishly.

What a curious confluence of journeys brought you and I together, both in the early distancing and in the later coming together. I am so grateful for all of it. You have spoken and you have listened. You have made me laugh and wow you have made me think. You get me which many don’t and our journey has been a privilege for me. I like you. This you know. I admire your unbounded generosity, your strong sense of ethics and respect that cuts through the bullshit, and much more besides.

Today you said that Franco has a great capacity to love. This is a gift and I believe you have it too.

“I loved him/her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.” Charles Dickens from Great Expectations.

Franco might understand these words that are of my story except that the paradox is that, parallel to these words/truths, is that there is simultaneously reason, hope, happiness and peace. That is the capacity to love, really love, when one embraces all of that in its totality. There are, of course, no other options. You are in that circle.

I have no concrete idea about anything beyond our worldly existence, but I do know the reality of big holes that are left by absences that matter. I might fall in that hole yet again, as I do often, but whether it be on the way down or on yet another clamour out, I have only thanks, gratitude and deep respect. This you also know oh, wise one.

And salute!

Protectors of The Earth

This e-mail from Donna's friend, was in response to a piece of writing of my own, that I had sent the Donna Darkwolf - for support and entertainment...
along with: “Protectors of the Earth" by Thomas Bergersen and the Two Steps From Hell Orchestra - now playing.