Lunch with Donna Darkwolf at Simon's

"Minuet" by Boccherini. A composition Donna would listen to when we were driving to lunch in the Winelands of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Constantia.
To be in "The Mood of Genteel Country Living", she said - as WOLF cruises sedately through vinyards and olive groves.

HERE: Donna in her turqouise "in-you-face-jacket" as she had referred to it when she had bought it.
She SMS'd me: "Anyway. I bought my self a bright turqouise jacket. In Your Face! When am I going to wear it to lunch?".
AND... Here we are.

Donna Darkwolf - "Oh to Dine and Drink and Sing, on a Wine Farm"

"Accompanied by my loving, ever-faithful, and entertaining Minion. What more could I wish for"

"Get the Wolf-Mobile, pretty Minion of Mine! Let's go to lunch! I want to see My Ducks!"
she will announce merrily, walking out of the shower as she commenced her preparation to head to a wine farm restaurant.

1. I am variously Donna's "Beautiful Soldier", "Oh Husband Mine", "Love of My Life" and "Mon Assitante Stupide".
2. I do most of the cooking and driving so I am: "Mon Chauffeur" (FR. My Driver) - or "Mio Cuoco" (IT. My Cook)
3. Donna loves The Minions in the movie: "Despicable Me" - and because I am always busy doing stuff... D.I.Y, errands, "things-for-her", I am now designated as...
Her Personal Private Minion. My name is "MIFWIC". Mother-F*cker Wot's In Charge! Just so we are Clear! Yes!?

Always excited, and definitely hungry. Such a Joy!

I have seen my Donna Darkwolf eat directly out of a tin can, on some days, when she was sad.

Or she would announce, arising from her bed, and waltzing half-naked, into the kitchen, cheerfully: "How about a pasta, my lovely chef?"
OR demandingly imperious, as in addressing the hired-help, snappishly: "Chicken curry tonight? Any chance? Soldier? Of a half-decent meal?"

And I would admonish her in my best Indian accent: " You ar rr daking jances! Sumboddee-e! iz Gowing to get Herrt!
In Fact... Jollee Well HERT!",
 nodding my head from side to side.
Which can only be done with much finger-wagging, at eye-level.

To which her response was, as always, peevedly and sobbishly indignant: "If I starve to death - How on earth will you explain it to The Coroner?"

Which led me to the inevitable, pains-taking explanation, in my veddy best English., as spoke by the Queen:
"Your Highness is ev cawse... haware thet The Coroner is my own brother! and in a-a-all likelihood,
he will aver to to his own blood-line, rather than that of Your High Ness."

"I could bi poizzoning YOU-uU!!!!~" in a wheedling, thinly-veiled threat (Hindustani accent, - with slightly stooped posture, and some slow hand-wringing).

Her dramatic response? "I Do Not CARE!"( with a dimissive flourish of her hand, looking down her nose at me )

In a higher pitched, irritated Sibyl Fawlty tone: "Oh Poison Away! Just GET! ON! WITH! making me a blasted chicken curry!"

  suddenly sweetly demure: "I vhant to Da-a-a-nce. Shall we play a Fandango? Paso Doble?... a Valtz, perhaps... IF? Ju Don Mind?".

SO! While I cook, my shiny Dark Wolf and I dance a slow, sensual Paso Doble. In the Kitchen. Thankfully, we have a BIG kitchen.

Mia Donna Strega! Such a delight.

"You DO realise, M'lady, that you are dancing with the "hired staff"?  I wearily inform her.

Brightly, laughing: "YES! A BARGAIN! A Soldier, A Minion, and a Chef! Three for the Price of ONE!

Do you not love and admire your Witchy Wife's thriftiness?"

"I am AS mercenary as you My Franco" - she wrote to me many times.

(Never knowing I would be The Darkwolf Donna's mercenary messenger in Egypt, one day)

Lunch with Donna Darkwolf at Simon's

Lunch at Simons

Constantia Winelands

Birthday Lunch with Donna Darkwolf at Jonkerhoek

Lunch at Jonkershoek

For my Birthday

Donna Darkwolf takes Her Minion to Lunch on a wine farm

Lunch at Simons, Again

With her Franco Minion

Donna Darkwolf admiring HER ducks

Donna with Her Ducks

At Simon's. Donna was like a child, when she would announce after lunch:
"I want to go and see MY Ducks!"

Donna Darkwolf at Constantia Wine Estate

She Loved the Winelands

At Jonkershuis

Donna Darkwolf's surprise birthday cake

Donna's Birthday Surprise

What a blast... Donna told me this is the the first camouflage cake this company has ever made in its 35 years. With a gun-ship on it.
Such is my Shiny Wifes sense of humour. LOL!

Donna Darkwolf's Minions

A "Go-to,-Take-Charge" Kind of Guy. My own Science Officer, Chief Cook, Bottle-washer, Chauffeur, Fire Marshal at Battersea Power Station (until it burned down), and my personal Replacement Killer...

Like he says: " I'm the guy you didn't count on". As in - 'you never imagined this happening ? Well, it is now'

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