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"We came whirling out of nothingness
Scattering stars like dust.
The stars made a circle
And in the middle we dance." -
Jalaluddin Rumi

Donna once said to me, while we were dancing in the moonlight: "The Moon Belongs to Us to Love"
I told her: "Once in a Blue Moon, a man might be blessed to Discover and Love a brave Warrior-Priestess such as yourself, Donna Darkwolf. I am Blessed".

“May I Write Your Story" A Story of Triumph! by Donna Darkwolf

Introduction: Donna Darkwolf’s Book Outline
This an out-line of new book my BEAUTIFUL Donna Darkwolf was intending to write before she marched off on her Mission into The Undiscovered Country.

File Date...05 July 2017 > 6:55AM. Two days before Donna checked out. (Incidentally > 6 + 5 + 5 = 16. 6 + 1 = Se7en. Donna Darkwolf certainly left a trail of 7's.)
See: Topic "777" 'The Magic of 777'. I have not put a link in - because I do not want to disturb the flow of This Story.


"All people have a unique human story to tell. Unless you live the story no one else can ever tell it for you. But we can try. There are those that choose to exercise their right to die at a time and place of their choice. There are those who do not, and everything in-between. This book focusses on those who DO.

We must de-mystify "death".

Some will make a private decision to be alone when their time comes. They might not like to share their journey in their decision to die and may even object to this book. Some however might like to share and document the events and necessary pragmatic decisions leading up to their final moments. Some will have notified family and friends of their intent, but pass at a time no one will be aware of.

Others of us will be able to have loved one present with us. Some of us may even be prepared to video our deaths in support of our beliefs.
Our stories touch a human nerve with those that are ambivalent or anti-euthanasia. For many of us these stories, will bring comfort to those of us who have made this decision.

In most ‘causes’ there is always a defining word/concept. I spearheaded an ‘obscure’ cause and our word was ‘coming home’. People who battled with the status quo, domineering, judgemental, and limited dogmatic oftentimes religious principles and pressure. The folk who eventually found their way here were all free spirited and independent thinkers. Most of them had been through a process of self-doubt, confronting their own predisposed deep seated unhealthy morals, ethics, community and peer pressure. It was often a long solitary sojourn, almost a pilgrimage -until they broke the shackles of their own prejudices and ‘came home.’

The words associated with assisted dying, rational suicide and the entire gamut is ‘comfort’,’ insurance policy’.

Modern western civilization has created some veil over death. Despite the fact that we are quite happy to wantonly kill one another.
As if death is a mystery of some sort. Because westerners have no concept of "Family Ancestors".
Dealing with a death is rather difficult, admittedly. Dealing with suicide is "different" for every individual because they have never contemplated any death.
Let alone their own.

Annually - Mexicans celebrate Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead to honour those who have travelled on.
The Chinese venerate ancestors with burning of “sacrificial money” in honor of the dead.
In Japan, the annual Obon festival marks the return of deceased ancestors to Earth.

Purpose of this book

  1. To highlight and share the personal/human stories that may act as a cathartic experience for those who wish to tell their story
  2. To assist and offer comfort to those who ‘feel so alone’
  3. Primarily to act as a touchstone from those that have gone before.
  4. To present in rational and logical terms the decisions that could potentially touch the minds, heart and soul of the ambivalent, and those who are anti.


Gathering our personal stories and insights in a book ( title unknown at this stage – maybe an interesting exercise for all member). Maybe ‘the alchemy of rational suicide. the title ‘the alchemy of suicide’ (without the word ‘rational) has been taken by Osho – but this not what we are on about. an interesting read none the less, ‘the philosophers stone: alchemy of suicide’ or even ‘,may I tell your story’.(all a bit crappy to my mind but an interesting project nevertheless – I think)

This is only applicable to those who want to. (I for one would like to and it surely can’t only be me who would like to; and i would be grateful to read other peoples journey – the same as mine.) Although I am a new member I have picked up many who need ‘encouragement’ (please change that word for legal implications), someone to seriously talk to.

Since our interaction on the forum is limited, and many of us cannot access EXIT workshops or conferences, I have found the same human question, doubts and fears, and sincerely believe such a book could help us on our journey into final discovery - our ultimate rites of passage.

Here are some questions that may serve as a guideline for those who would like to participate:

  1. How have you arrived at your decision?
  2. What was the motivating factor/catalyst?
  3. When, in your lifetime did you decide this path?
  4. Was there a cross road you had to face?
  5. Did you pay a price for this in your relations with members of your family, friends and community?
  6. What personal ethics, morals religious/spiritual, (if any) community beliefs/prejudices, personal fears did you have to overcome?
  7. 7 How did you achieve the necessary peace of mind and conviction of the soul?
  8. How set were you against, or neutral, once upon a time, or did it never cross your mind that this day and this decision might come; that you would find yourself facing this choice?
  9. Are you satisfied that you have exhausted all other options, such as ‘hope’, ‘bargaining with God’, flailing in a once comfortable sort of ‘atheism?
  10. What were/are your real practical difficulties? (e.g. place of choice, time span in which to do it, being alone happy it is a private affair, telling someone or no one or everyone, will someone be present, those that might be seen to be accomplices to suicide being perceived by the law? (and so much more --- anxiety at choice of methods working or not working, dealing with scammers, loss of money to scammers, disillusionment, encouragement from those who have succeeded, not much encouragement, sorting out the sentimental from the pragmatic).
  11. What of those of you who have already had a plan long before others came to this conclusion i.e. long-time activists? as a conscious choice not limited to circumstances other than a soul conviction which resonates with the right to die.

I see this book as a collective of our mind set – then and now, and hopefully some final thoughts before our death act. Primarily this book will be about our personal human story/journey. Factual information pertaining to the debate is necessary to cushion us in the context of our stories – the emphasis being on our right to make the decision. This would be done by our leaders and elders.

I suggest a basic Outline of Contents that could guide us:

  1. the quintessential debate involving human stories for e.g. Lecrecia and Jayne. (Personally I would not focus so much on the Jaynes of this world. Whilst it might serve to illustrate the validity of personal choice, the difficulties we face should not be overshadowed by what we are trying to achieve).
  2. facts – legal, medical, ethical, philosophical, religious.
  3. the quiet determined voices on a practical level of decision and determination of our choices. (this should make up the bulk of the book – this is the purpose)
  4. Nuggets of wisdom and insights…..from member’s themselves (not quotes from books although of course books inspire and shape our own insights). Here are a few that have touched me since being on the forum the past 2 months: a) my mind and my body is not a battle ground,b) I never want to return to duality again, c) there is no virtue in suffering a ‘natural death, no lesson to be learned ), d) society must ‘civilise’ itself ,e) there is not grief without love,f) suicide is a gamble – you know you have lost when you end up in a psychiatric ward,g) people have ‘death phobia’,h) I am not brave, I am determined,i) I see-saw between hope and desperation,j) tiny glimpses of hope caused by reality and a lack of motivation
  5. Suicide letters -the importance of it, the dilemma btw sentimentality and pragmatism, the emotional consequences of not writing one for those left behind, the uncommonness of suicide letters (estimated only btw 15% and 38% write such letters), , what suicide letters do and do not say, and so on. Perhaps examples of suicide letters.
  6. And so much else our leaders and elders could share.

Some Criteria for this Person would be:

Some sort of an idea as to be able to explain the context in which the poignant and human stories of our individual participants speak and write.

  1. Who takes on the challenge of collating and adding factual comments -acting as the frame for the picture? Our human and most intimate stories. Someone prepared to persistently follow up, have gritty tenacity towards those who volunteer their story (and hope they don’t die in-between them telling their story). whilst ‘life happens’ this should not be an obstacle
  2. Who is deemed a legitimate credible voice at a public level? What would be the criteria of the one who must collate this deeply moving book?
  3. Someone who our leaders and elders would feel this person could do the job
  4. A great deal of compassion and empathy
  5. Someone with this sort of bookish experience or desire
  6. Someone with no latent or personal agenda

A Witch or A Soldier?

Natual born killers. Start off soft and stupid boys. And molded into that hard steel blade.
After 10 years of living with my soldier... a fifth of my life... i learned that I am not a part of the mission. I AM the Mission. 
I am not doing something.
I Am Some Thing. Beaten like Steel
Forged in fire
He set me free
We live every day
We only die once
That part abt get on the ready line? do or die trying
I know what it means now.
Thanks to my beautful Minion

Fundraising effort/financial gain:

Although this would not be the primary focus of this book of stories, (bearing that this will possibly excite and inspire some members), there will/should be certain financial spin offs (however small). There should be no costs involved from the story tellers (I find from personal experience that those who share their personal journeys are only too happy to have a platform).

It is a labour of love especially form the collator and the editor. This book could become part of current catalogue of books. It should be updated just as the PPh is – I would suggest once a year.

It is my considered opinion that there should be a cost to members, non-members, and those who are ambivalent or anti. That is our leader’s/elders decision (bearing in mind those with financial constraints- which in any case I am sure you discuss privately with such). I hope this idea/project might be beneficial and of assistance to you – I know as an individual it would for me.


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Donna Darkwolf Vos – published author (books), papers & magazine and journal articles, keynote speaker and participant at many conferences in USA, UK and South Africa.
As a Wiccan Arch-Priestess and founder of the Circle of the African Moon, she was a Pioneer, media personality, teacher, lecturer and counsellor.


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