Interview with Arch-Priestess Donna Darkwolf

“Art of Silence” by UNIQ. "Everything Has its Wonders... Even Darkness and Silence". Helen Keller.
The Donna Darkwolf was well disciplined in the practice of Silence.
She would sometimes want us to just sit together, or walk, holding hands - and not speaking.

She found this piece of music on YouTube on her birthday - February 2017. She made me make a copy of it onto her computer, to have in her Collection... "For when I need A Moment".

I Think One Should Tell a Beautiful Story...

"Yes my love...Tell a beautiful story with Your Life. No one else can".

In this following series: The images have been taken from a TV interview with The Donna Darkwolf on M-Net. The words have been taken from various writings that my Shiny Wife exchanged with me.

I am variously Donna's "MINION", and "beautiful soldier"

The Darkwolf may be your Arch-Priestess. But at home she is my WIFE. At lunch she is merely "My Beautiful Girl". And at bathtime she is "My Bella Ragazza".

"I would rather die in your arms - than live without you. she wrote".
My Lady in Black lives inside the fire of my heart. Protected and Safe

When I find my Dog of War - on the Dog Star, Sirius VI? Find my Darkwolf. Running... my Dark Wolf of My Heart.
My dark-haired girl. I will be Home!

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