Donna Darkwolf's view of Eternity

“La Vie en Rose” by Jolie Môme feat. vocalist Miryam. Originally performed by Édith Piaf. 1945. The view of Eternity, from Donna Darkwolf's bench.
One of Donna's MOST favorite songs for doing a slow swaying waltz around our kitchen while we make dinner.

Visiting Donna Darkwolf on Day 777 - 23 August 2019

It is now 777 Days since Donna Darkwolf departed for The Undiscovered Country.
When she went, she left me TWO cards. This one to be opened after 777 Days. And another to be opened after 1000 Days.
How can I not love the girl?

Greeting card from beyond on the morning of Day 777.

The Night Before Day 777

A purple candle for Donna. Photo of us. The gunship that decorated my 65th birthday cake. With her Yellow Sunflowers which are for the week-end, not Day 777.

Morning - Day 777 Surprise!

Why not? 09:20. There just HAD TO BE a NUMBER. Parked in the underground opposite WOLF, almost Donna's 7767. It is not a residents vehicle. Never seen it before.

WOLF at Donna's Bench

Blouberg Beach. 10:12. Here to have a drink with my shiny wife on her bench on this achingly beautiful morning. We have the beach to ourselves. Just us - Donna, Me and the Wolf.

Her Favorite Bunch - Pt I

10:16. The flowers she normally bought for herself when she went shopping. She loved the pinks. A scotch at Donna's Bench. Sing a battle hymn for my proud Warrior-Witch.

Her Favorite Bunch - Pt II

11:56. Kalk Bay Harbour. The base of the green light beacon. A scotch in Donna's birthday whiskey glass, with the other half of her bunch of flowers. A salute to the joy of my Shiny Wife.

Flowers in the Foam

12:00 Mid-day. I throw flowers to my Little Mermaid at the place where I set her free. I send a sparkling cast of whiskey falling stars and watch her embrace her flowers, retreating to her Emerald Beyond.

Black Cormorant

11:59. Another black bird. The actual "Black Bird" is the starling that has taken to visiting my 13th floor apartment since Donna's birthday in February.
Donna's College is somewhere in the red frame.

Donna's Beacons

12:12. The view she so loved. Since the time when she was a student at the Bible Institute of SA - somewhere way over to the right and behind me. Egypt away to the left and North.

A Fine Wine with Donna

"Life from Stone". 12:37. Such an appropriate wine for the day. At Harbour House with a view up the sea-wall to the red light beacon. Facing due north toward the Great Pyramid where Donna sometimes walks.

Donna wrote: "Think of Me - I will never be far away from you. XXXXXXX"

Just for a moment - I thought I saw...

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