“This Is What You Came For" Calvin Harris´s song - New Vintage Café 2017 - Lounge & Jazz Blends
The Arch-Priestess Donna Darkwolf dressed, and ready to lead a Pagan / Wiccan ritual. And even for dinner.
"Everybody is Watching Her - But She is Looking at Me". Donna Compels Attention. Going nowhere un-noticed.

Asara Wine Estate Lunch with Donna Darkwolf - Everybody's Watching Her

from: Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
to: moreno franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com
date: May 07, 2016, 8:40 AM
subject: my franco - i yearn for you

All the flowers are mine
   My skin begins to shine
My body needs no clothes
   You know I’m feeling
The Sun
   All over me…

I dream the sea to me
   The waves wash over me
My body needs your touch
   You kiss me so much
Like The Sun
   All over me…

I yearn for your loving
   Feel your heat all over me
Your breath blow in my hair
   I want to feel your kisses
Like The Sun
   All over me…
As we move straight
   To our Destiny

Donna Darkwolf's Black Swans at Asara Wine Estate

"I Yearn For You - Like The Sun All Over Me"

A Demand for Sunday Breakfast & Lunch

Tomorrow, I want to take you for breakfast at Ons Huisie Restaurant and gaze at the sea. I love Blouberg beach on Sundays.
And then we can go for lunch at Asara Wine Estate and visit the black swans
in their little lake. i love them

If you bring my shiny Wolf to my door at ten - your shiny wife will be ready and waiting for you
And you and WOLF can whisk me away to a beautiful day

Fetch me in the morning my beautiful franco minion, as you always have

I want to hear you call me: "my love" in your gravelly sexy voice
and I can hold your hands and tell you how much I love you


yr donna bella strega xxxxxxx :D

"Everybody's Watching Her - But She's Looking at You..."

About the song thats playing:  Donna Darkwolf in her amazing robes, with her patrician Nefertiti nose, Queenly mouth and brilliant blue eyes - drifting regally into Asara Wine Estate restaurant.
Her startling presence compelled the immediate attention of patrons and staff.
She knew the effect her presence had.
She did not care one whit what the other patrons may think of her.
Completely insensible to the vivid impression she creates where ever she goes.
Everybody's watching her.
But she never paid any it heed.
Because Donna was always looking at me, if she was not gazing at the ocean, or browsing the menu.
"And everybody's watching Her - But she's looking at YOU.."

Donna found this song on YouTube - and sent me the link with the message:
"This sounds like us my franco. everybodys watching me,
but I am looking at you-o-ooo. So romantically insane".