Commentary clip from SpaceX Flight Director for "Falcon Heavy 9 - (F-9)" Remote-Recovery Autonomous Landing Drone Ship, "Of Course I Still Love You".
The other Drone Ship, is of course named: "Just Read The Instructions".

One of my quips to Donna Darkwolf - "Of Course I Still Love You"

If the The Donna Darkwolf saw this today? she would be rolling with laughter.

Apropos, my feigned and delerious, forgetfulness of -
"Did I tell you that I love you today?"
(Despite the fact that I had told her countless times in a day: "I Love You"...)

Donna started saying, occasionally, out of the blue - in the middle of a conversation, with a quizical seriousness: "Do you still Love Me?"
And, I would answer:
"Of Course I Still Love You!"  Delivered in a loud, flippant, irritated, dismissive, and off-hand manner.
In the accent of a snobbish British politician, answering an impertinent question from a TV interviewer...
In Letters 20 feet tall!

"GOOD! GOD! Woman!!!
How DARE you ask me such a question! WE-E-E are on LIVE National Television!
Have you NO respect?"

Muttering under my breath: "No fucking professionalism!!!...(Delivered in an indignant, irriated manner).
Oh! What is the country coming to? (Delivered in a sad, simpering tone)
O God that I had to live to see us SINK... to such depths... (Delivered in my best Winson Churchill accent)

In my Winston Churchill accent, his famous reply to an accusation, that he might be drunk:
"Madam, I may be drunk! BUT! In the morning - I will be SOBER!
And YOU will still be UGLY!"

Which always sent Donna into squeals of raucous, cackling laughter, and hugging. Even in a shopping mall, or in a movie house ticket line...

We always laughed afterward: "We must have blown them away!"

"I Love the Craziness of Being Us."

The Donna Darkwolf was in the habit of buying greeting cards that appealled to her "sensibility" and and altering them to suit her "Message".
"To Wit... For Example... And as Evidence... I present... Exhibit 27-A... Mi-L'ud!"
In the best Queen's Council, snotty English accent.

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