"The Carnival of the Animals: XIII The Swan" by Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns.

Donna Darkwolf conjuring up a Love Spell.

Donna Darkwolf in the First-ever Interview of a Pagan Priestess by Cosmopolitan Magazine

NOT THE USUAL "head-and-shoulders" shot for Donna.
No Way!

Donna directed the photographer from Cosmopolitan Magazine on eactly how she wanted the shot done.
In her flame-orange lounge. By candle light. With the multiple-exposure, to capture her hands and arms in motion.

For here, she is the embodiment of Kali - the Hindu goddess  - embodiment of the boundless and existential freedom to BE.
Without the need to seek permission.

As the embodiment of "SHAKTI", Kali IS the quintessential projection of female power.
Kali is the expression of nature. And like nature, she has a destructive side, as much as a benevolent one.

Donna, like Kali is nature at its rawest and most untamed. The culmination of all that is strength and power.
She is loving without being devoted.
Mother of all power—without being reduced to the role of a mother.

Some may have seen a display of Donna being "angry".
Those people merely suffer from a limited word vocabulary.
What they were witnessing was FURY  — because Nature knows no "Anger".

"Anger" is a human emotion.
"Fury" is the behaviour of the Elements: Air. Earth. Wind. Fire. - Beyond your effort to control.

Donna is / was a force of Nature. That is how she became a Pagan Arch-Priestess.

Kali is the Destroyer of Evil.

In The Donna Darkwolf's mind, willful ignorance and failure to learn are the FIRST form of evil.

"It is in the lazy, un-enquiring mind that, evil first takes root". is what Donna proclaimed.

As for the Serpent coiling itself upon The Darkwolf's ankle?

Donna Darkwolf - A Priestess Making a Love Invocation

Just one of many media appearances made by The Donna Darkwolf.
Here: Donna Darkwolf as Goddess Kali, the Destroyer of Evil

Donna was being interviewed about her book: "Dancing Under an African Moon".
Being the creative spirit that she was, Donna directed this shot. Having the photographer do three shots of her, with her arms in different positions.
Thus being able to represent the Indian Goddess "Kali". The Destroyer of Evil.
Some Cosmopolitan magazine readers were ever able do discern what and who, Donna Darkwolf was portraying.
Donna knew this, she told me, because those few readers had written to her to praise her for her creative performance.

Donna's Divine Serpent God Tattoo

The serpent "Quetzalcoatl" - the Aztec god of LEARNING. Caduceus of Mercury, The Messenger of the Gods
The Hindu Cobra, "Naga Mucalinda" that protected meditating Buddah from a storm. The ancient Egyptian "Ouroboros", in a circle, eating its own tail, is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life. Even fewer understood the symbolism and commented on Donna's Divine Serpent tatto. Surprising.

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