“Our Wedding Day" by Ronan Hardiman (Donna shared the track with me off YouTube, a short while before her mission: "let's get married again :D". Such is my shiny wife.

La Belle Dame Sans Regrets - The Beauty with No Regrets

An Ageless Beauty

Donna lived as a force of nature. Sometimes a boundless spirit - full of adventure and mischief.
At other times she was distant and deep in meditation. Some might have thought her aloof. Being aloof is a pretense some people assume.
There was no pretense in the Donna Darkwolf. She had no need for shallow games: "Play? Games? I don't play games!"
She was just busy pursuing her own mission.
That she swept so many along with her, is the wonder of her contagious spirit.

Donna Darkwolf - So Hot

Vintage Cartier.

Donna's Birthday Rosso Elegante

The only woman I have ever known who can pull off wearing RED! It is not a "statement". She is so calm and placid in this blazing color. Like a hand grenade with the pin still in... Let the Red Do The Talking

La Belle Dame...

Styling. Dressed by Gucci.

Donna Dressed to Party

No half-measures with the Donna Ragazza...

Donna Dressed to Party

You get "The Whole Show"

La Gambe di Due Metri

Two-metre legs! One metre up. One Meter down!

Mia Bella Ragazza

Vintage Dior.

La Belle Parisienne.

Dressed by Donna Karan

Mia Adorata Strega

Dressed by Heaven