Donna Darkwolf in her Magical Fairy Garden

“La Belle Dame Sans Regrets" by Chris Botti (This is the instrumental version. I like the song. We danced to it occasionally, after dinner.
The lyrics of Stings original do not reflect Donna or her life) Such is my happily Shiny Wife.

Here's Donna Darkwolf in her Magical Faery Garden.

Donna Darkwolf. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets - The Beauty with No Regrets

An Ageless Beauty

Donna lived as a force of nature. Sometimes a boundless spirit - full of adventure and mischief.
At other times she was distant and deep in meditation. Some might have thought her aloof.
Being aloof is a pretense some people assume.
There is no pretense in the Donna Darkwolf. She has neither Time, nor need for shallow games - as in:
"Play? Games?? I Don't Play GAMES!"

She is just busy pursuing her own mission.
That she sweeps so many along with her, is the wonder of the contagious energy of her unbounded Spirit.

Donna Darkwolf - So Hot

Vintage Cartier.

Donna's Birthday Rosso Elegante

The only woman I have ever known who can pull off wearing RED! It is not a "statement". She is so calm and placid in this blazing color. Like a hand grenade with the pin still in...  Let the Red Do The Talking

La Belle Dame...

Styling. Dressed by Gucci.

Donna Dressed to Party

No half-measures with the Donna Ragazza...

Donna Dressed to Party

You get "The Whole Show"

La Gambe di Due Metri

Two-metre legs! One metre up. One Meter down!

Mia Bella Ragazza

Vintage Dior.

La Belle Parisienne.

Dressed by Donna Karan

Mia Adorata Strega

Dressed by Heaven

Donna's Mystical Garden

Donna Darkwolf was fascinated with this picture.
How many ITEMS can you count in this Mystical Garden?

Do NOT Look - Until...

...until you have tried counting in the previous image.

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