Donna Darkwolf and I Escaping from Durbanville Clinic

"Donna on Fire "Dark Past Midnight  Listen carefully. Between the thundering stampede of the horses - you can see Donna "on the March".

Donna Darkwolf Striding Resolutely

Donna had been admitted to Durbanville Medi-Clinic for observation for a week. I was there morning and evening to visit. And bring the inevitable chocolate/s.
When it was finally time to leave, she almost ran out of there.

While we were sorting out her discharge forms, she was like a horse champing at the bit. I could feel her pressure rising.
We had to get out've here! PRONTO!

"Let's Get Out of This Place..." She says

Hastily thanking the Desk Nurse, I grab Donna's forms and her handbag...

"I want to GET HOME!"

"I just have to get these pictures...", I tell her.
Dropping her overnight bag so I could get a picture of this one-girl stampede for the Exit! In the parking lot she pauses for an instant to touch a kiss to Wolf's hood-star.
I feel like we are fleeing the scene of some crime...

"I also want to get you home", I growl - as Wolf growls into life, and races out of the parking lot...

A force of Nature. Once her mind is in motion. It cannot be stopped. It cannot be reckoned with.
You cannot hold it. Nor can you adequately describe it - other than... "This is the Genie Out of The Bottle"... LOL

"Oh Shit! Here we Go AGAIN!!

"Here! Take my hand . . . Run! . . . You bitch of a Witch!! RUN-N-N-N!!!!

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