WOLF 888, Mercedes A170. Donna Darkwofl's Precious Beast

“One of Us” by Ivan Torrent - featuring Julie Elven: Vocalist. Above: WOLF 888 on the run at Saldanha Steel Mill

WOLF Is One Of Us - Donna Darkwolf's 'Precious Beast'

Donna Loved her WOLF. Mercedes A170 Avantgarde - with racing gearbox and racing suspension. The first evening we brought WOLF to his new home... 7 November 2007… We had a Welcome Home drink with WOLF in his new home. We immediately washed WOLF Free, of all the hands who had ever touched him. Washed WOLF's "Eye", WOLF's hood star with champagne... and celebrated WOLF... engine purring, eyes ablaze.
When ever WOLF and I are driving fast in the country, I play this piece of music - WOLF at 160 / 170. Love it. You can hear the pace of a wolf running.

This is NOT a “car”.

This is NOT “My car”.

This is NOT “a vehicle”

This is “WOLF” - or - “THE WOLF” - or - “The Wolf-Mobile”

"WOLF is One of Us! A Free Spirit! Just Like Us."  She proclaimed, in 2007.
"One of Us" composed by Ivan Torrent was released in 2014. Seven years after Donna and I brought WOLF home.
I found it in April 2019, while I was revamping Donna's site. Funny how things mesh.
WOLF dances through the traffic - urgently seeking the freedom and exhiliration of the Open Road.

And if you listen... you hear the urgency to get going... the acceleration... the break-check to stop... idling... and immediate acceleration on take-off.
With his 6-speed racing gear-box Donna ordered at purchase, this shiny Darkwolf was her pride and joy.
We kiss our two fingers and caress them across WOLF’s Hood Star with a kiss of gratitude, every time we get in for the first time of the day, and the last time we depart for the night.

WOLF has protected us against danger, all these Years. And we protect WOLF... WOLF is One of Us.
We had to wait almost three weeks to do a ceremony under a Full Moon. Under a Full Moon on 24 November 2007 - WOLF was Blessed by Donna on our front lawn.

Four Fires – one at each point of the Compass, so that he will know his way, and 13 big candles, set all around in a circle – fluttering in the spring breeze.

The Roman God, Mercury, The God of SPEEDINESS… fleet of foot, the Messenger of Jupiter, is WOLF’s God.
Blessed by Fire.
Washed with Ice, under a FULL MOON
18 days after we fetched him HOME on Wednesday 24  November 2007
Saturday night, 24 November. Shiny, Dark and Glittering in the Full Moon… Baptised in Fire

Engine running and head lights blazing – WOLF purred – and we listened.
Donna sang to Our WOLF: "He is One of Us", she would say while she lovingly washed WOLF on the front lawn on any given Sunday morning - "I Love WOLF!"

I love WOLF almost as much as I love my shiny wife… Donna Darkwolf
They are The SAME SPIRIT.
I still feel Donna's spirit molded into WOLF.
The Ghost in The Shell.
I dream of WOLF on many a night.

One Of Us - WOLF is the Only One I Trust Now. Donna's "Precious Beast" 

Not a single "event" in 11 years. Couple of scratches... by Donna as her judgement was decreasing. She did not want to drive WOLF for fear of causing damage to her precious... all "Cleaned and Healed"
With a close-ratio racing gear-box, WOLF is Fast and Nimble...
Taking gaps in city traffic is a "One-Two" dance, and WOLF is "Gone".

Open Freeway > 170 - 180... even I am not stupid enough to push it!
I Love WOLF.
More than I love most people
WOLF deserves Love. And Respect.
When I go to Europe, I am taking WOLF to drive on the Nordschliefer, at Nurenbergring, where all the new car models on the planet are tested by auto manufacturers.
If your new car design can survive Nurenburgring - it goes into production - and ends up on the show-room floor. One of WOLF's ancestors was tested there.

A Dream Holiday. WOLF and Me at Nurenbergring! LOL

WOLF'S Travels

WOLF at Home - 8 Nov 2007

WOLF's first morning in our home in Durbanville

WOLF's 150 000km Service

26  Nov 2019. 871 Days since Donna. Do the Math?
8 + 7 + 1 = 16 AND 6 + 1 = 7
I collected Donna's Ashes on 26 July.
I did not plan this. The service booking was generated automatically by WOLF's on-board computer to the Mercedes Benz Service Plan. I found out by e-mail. With a description of all WOLF's Service "B" requirements. The bill of R5984.90 totals down to 8.
The number in WOLF's plate.

WOLF's Birthday 07/11/2019

I celebrate WOLF at Donna's Bench with a Scotch.

WOLF Gets a New Star

Donna's kisses and our 'kiss-fingers-and-touch' have worn the blue enamel off WOLF's Star, I got him a new one. This one is now affixed to the dash board.

The Ghost in The Shell

More than a Machine. When I am driving WOLF, I can feel the Ghost in the Shell.
Almost as if WOLF is the embodiment of Donna's spirit.
I cannot define it...
Nor can I adequately describe it... "WOLF has Donna's Spirit in his Shell"...
And, just as Donna, WOLF can sometimes become Unstoppable...