“From Paris With Love" - Melody Gardot. Donna's type of evening dinner music.
The Line: "They Fall in Love, like Falling out of Bed". describes Donna and I, perfectly.
We met on 1 November. I moved in to her house on 6 November. We were Wed on 14 November 2007.
And had Ten years of happy, silent, funny, introspective, loving, argumentative, brilliant, sad, surprising, usual, incredible, meaningful, mindless Romance!

My Donna Strega once said to me:
"I need to see YOUR Fire burning.

I need to see your eyes burning

I want to see your HEART on FIRE!

I always turn my face away from the darkness.

I love to see the Fire.

For I was born out of Fire

Rising from the Ashes of my Life.

A Phoenix"

You Take My Breath Away, Donna Darkwolf

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date:  Feb 23, 2017, 10:20 PM
subject:  You Take My Breath Away, Donna Darkwolf

Happy Birthday My Only Darkwolf

“I believe in Everything. Nothing is Sacred”

The heat and the sensuality of having you so close
Your breasts with a sheen of salty sweat
Like two scoops of ice cream, lifted high and hard in those
Twin cups of heaven

And as I knew you now, my Mistress
I will know you to the last of my days as the finest
Of all Souls……
That I have had the privilege to love you. The Sister of my Spirit

And even if only for this one more life time, You take my breath away, Donna Darkwolf – Mi Corazon.

We Exist in Two Worlds

We exist in two worlds, the inner and the outer.
The inner world is that of mind and spirit.
The outer world is that of external reality.
All conflicts are between the inner and the outer world.
Yet all we know of the outer world are mere impressions of the existence received by the inner.
Are these conflicts real? Or are they phantoms of our quarrelsome minds
If they are, how can we know this? If they are not – how can we know this?

The search for truth is the search for consistency. to identify form and content in the two worlds.

Only that which exists in both worlds
In the inner and outer world
Of all the people every where /
Can be said to partake of reality -

Inner Truth

When it is all that, only -
It IS the truth if the spirit
As real as Fire, or Ice -
In the inner world
It’s effect can be as definite /
And that it does not partake of reality
Does not diminish it

The actions we practice
On the external world /
The world of stone and wood
Or flower
Matter little

These actions may be illusion
And they may not –
But even the reality of their effects
Will fade with the passage of time
The actions we practice
[on the internal world]
On each other, ARE
Of a different order altogether.

For though we may never Know that we have changed Reality
We can alter another’s
View of it
For better or worse

In either case,
In altering an individual’s view
We have altered the individual
And to the degree that
They are
Changed by that contact
We are responsible for them

Not to accept responsibility
Is to be more a thief of life Than a murderer.

You have Altered the Shape of My Soul...
Just as surely as I Altered Your Own.
Just as surely as hammer beats, and crafts the metal into a sword.
Forever shaped.
Fashioned into the shape of our Desires for each other.

Immortal Kiss of The Witch and The Soldier
I created this image for Donna -
for her Book about the love between a Witch and a Soldier
A Book she started - and I am Writing.
For I am her Soldier she so loved...
And as I attempt to complete her Dream.
She Takes My Breath Away

No 'idle' kisses. No 'idle' conversation. No Time for such.
Every kiss and word must count.
We will never travel this road again.
So, as we travel now - we are wont to be True.

And this is how we have become responsible for each other.
I once told you that "Each other is all we have"
You once told me "We are forever entangled across time and space.
For that Is how we have found each other for the second time..."

I know we will find each other again.

That said: Tomorrow we are going to a Birthday Breakfast, A Birthday Lunch - AND a Birthday Dinner.
Something neither of us has ever done before - So this is Our First Time! LOL.
I want my Shiny Wife in a witchy robe, across a table from me - holding my hands - telling me how much she loves me.

So Gear Up! Look Pretty! WOLF at your door 10 sharp! BRING APPETITE!
And, Once More... Take My Breath Awayyyyyyyy.......

All My Love - Mia Donna Bella - from your minion / soldier / chauffeur / what-ever
JUST so long I am YOURS!

Glorious Coincidence of Donna's Isis Chalice

The first time I visited Donna's home, I noticed this - "The Isis Chalice".
I had to tell her that only a few months prior, I had been sketching a design for something like this.
This is where all the Coincidences in Our Life Together, began.

Donna explained: "This symbolises the Womb of the Earth Goddess.
And within it, is the Egg of New Life.

About Melody Gardo's Planet-wide Collaborative Project

SEE: Melody Gardot - From Paris With Love. Premiered Jun 19, 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCckn1H5DIE

Melody Gardot took note of the sad fact that musicians around the world are out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She put out a call on social networks for musicians to join her on a new project titled “From Paris with Love” and received hundreds of online submissions,
which she reviewed with her creative team of producer Larry Klein, conductor/arranger/composer Vince Mendoza, and engineers Al Schmitt and Steve Genewick.

Now the final piece is ready, accompanied by a video that features selected musicians performing from their homes, along with a global montage of people who sent Gardot video portraits of themselves with messages of love.

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