Donna Darkwolf on our 9th Wedding Anniversary

“The Very Thought of You" by Nat King Cole.
A song out of Donna's parents' collection that she would love to slowly sway-dance to at dinner time.

Donna Darkwolf - My Elegant Gypsey

Above: My Donna Darkwolf undercover for our 9th Anniversary in the country-side

from:  Donna
to:  moreno franco
date:  Nov 01, 2016, 10:07 PM
subject:  i am on fire

My franco, what a wonderful anniversary day.
breakfast lunch and dinner and WOLF must have done abt 1000ks around the countryside.

the beach, the karoo and stellenbosch. all my favorites

Being back at The Vale? OH! this is why i love you

what a drive!
you have left me burning
i am on fire
and you are the only one
who can protect me and be my angel
for one thousand yards

one day, i will be your angel,
and i will come to fetch you off of that field my franco
as yr Lady in Black
look in my face and remember me
my franco
your last wife / witch / priestess and fellow traveller

your Donna Strega Belissima xxxxxxx :D

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A Joke Card. The object of it was to cut a picture of ones own face out of a photo, and past it into the bottom right-hand corner.

I went ONE BETTER. I had the card scanned, and PhotoShopped Donna's face into it. And typed my message across it - and e-mailed it to her.
About ten minutes later she phoned, laughing hysterically: "My Franco! So You!

Donna's Minions

You are The Flight, Right? - Donna would say to me.

Every now and then, when I would e-mail Donna from work - I would find a Minion picture on Google, to mail to her.
The sight of her Minions always cheered her up.

"see you for supper, Minion of mine.
Make it so! as you SO love to say." XXXXXXX :D>