Donna Darkwolf's Farewell Song

“Illumielle" by Jo Blankenburg

"Au Revoir - But Not Goodbye (Soldier Boy)"

Above: Thank you note Donna Darkwolf left taped to her computer monitor. A Message from Beyond... this is the Donna Darkwolf's final e-mail. I estimate that her last hand written suicide notes were scribbled at about 4:07, based on distances around her apartment, and time taken to leave everything tidy, and spotless.
Donna had once joked: "Dont worry. I wont leave a mess when I Exit".

What is so poignant about this note is that Donna Darkwolf was about to take her potion.
She was settling down to watch some TV, as usual. But then must have decided to go to her Appointment with Destiny.

from:  Donna
to:  Franco,
moreno franco
date:  Jul 7, 2017, 4:04 AM
subject:  i love you my franco

its 4am and i am so tired. I have tried to sleep but to no avail.

I have a lot of pills left. I was good that i didnt take to many at a time.

so I am going enjoy them now and maybe i wll ph u after my movie. but if I dont then later. listen for me.
now that I can watch my movie in bed on my phone. my life has changed. ))
I am even more lazy.

Take A Lock of My Hair to Egypt

Farewell Note 1


i love you so much my franco. making these last weeks the happiest of my life.

Keep me in your heart....When you think of me I will never be far away

Find me in Sirius my beautiful soldier - the dog star. You will see me there when you take me to egypt

some of my hair and some of my dust in those timeless sands.

I will dream of you at the pyramids of Egypt performing your rituals for your shiny wife, and having a scotch in my witchy glass

You have made me brave my franco. As brave as my parents. and as brave as you
Brave enough FOR THIS!

No Fear. No Compromise

Carry on, my beautiful soldier.
I Remain, as always, your Donna Darkwolf. "Strega Mia".

It is an honor and a privilege to serve with you beside me

(Based on her handwritten last notes, it was about 5 to 10 minutes after this that she took her potion of Nembutal.
And bravely marched off into The Undiscovered Country)

Donna Darkwolf's Farewell Song

Au Revoir, But Not Goodbye Soldier Boy

Peerless Quartet

I found this while I was having a last listen to ballad of the green beret.
it is so romantic and painful - but filled with hope

Makes me think of us - even tho in our version it is the soldier that stays behind and his love is the one that journeys to the deep blue sea

Lyrics from a song she had found on YouTube.

Though you're leaving me today, never fear,
In my thoughts you'll always be ever near
There's a tear in every eye, as the boys go marching by,
But they're out to do or die, hear them cheer
All the things you planned to do,
I am sure they will come true,
And I'll watch and wait for you, over here.
Au revoir but not Good Bye, Soldier Boy
Brush that tear drop from your eye, Soldier Boy
When you're on the deep blue sea
Will you sometimes think of me?
I'll be waiting anxiously, Soldier Boy
Tho ' we're many miles apart Soldier Boy
Keep my picture near your heart, Soldier Boy
When you've won your victory
God will bring you back to me
Au revoir but not Good Bye my franco Soldier Boy.

I remain forever your immortal beloved
Your eternal beautiful friend and shiny wife
Your mermaid witch of the green blue ocean

Catching the 777 flight to Sirius this morning.
au revoir but not goodbye (soldier boy)
xxxxxxx Loving You Forever, Your Donna Bellissima Wife.

Farewell Note 2

"Even if it Takes Forever, I Will Wait for You"

(Donna Darkwolf's last note to me, lying on her bedside table with her watch and her ring. Our deal being that these items ought not accompany her to the morgue because they would "go missing").

"and you STILL found me", I said to you enough times.
like playing hide and seek across space and time
you are the only man i have ever known, who when i am with him, i feel like we are
children all over Again. Full of energy and life
Oh I know we had to pay the bills and we wanted to fuck, cook and dance
But when I am with you - i sometimes feel like I am nervous 16. Fuck! I'm 50. LMAO.
And you can kiss my arse for good measure... i am laughing so much

even if it takes forever, I will wait for you
I have my own soldier
I have my own MINION!
I have my own companion traveller
My own chauffeur
my own science officer Spock
and my own chef

Once More Into the Fray
Into the last good fight I will ever know
To Die and Live Upon This Day

Your Bella Donna Strega who loves you
From Eternity.