Donna Darkwolf at Cape Town Airport

“Piensa En Mi (Think of Me)" by Luz Casal. Donna Darkwolf at Cape Town International Airport.
Donna loved for us to do a slow tango to this, in our kitchen, while we cooked dinner.
"Leave the pots una momento FranCO! dance with me and tell me you love me!!!" LOL

Think of You All the Time Donna Darkwolf

from:  Donna
to:  moreno franco
date:  Feb 28, 2017, 4:53 PM
subject:  RE: Think of You All the Time Donna Darkwolf

Me too. I want u to come here after supper to just sit with me for a half an hour that is all. but u cannot sit in silence and not just sit. IN SILENCE
well lets see if you can. see you at 7

bring me 3 chocolates, my lovely franco - a tex a lunchbar an a mars :D
love you.
I dont remember if you told me you love me - but you can tell me tonight LOL
I will be waiting to hear the first words out of your mouth
"try to not fuck it up 007!" as you love to say... LOL
You definitely do want to be In Bocca a Lupo, as you love to put it. I cant help it LOL. rub it in WOLF. LOL


From:  moreno franco []
Sent:  Tuesday, February 28, 2017 8:05 AM
Subject:  Think of You All the Time

Hi My Love
I think of you all the time.
Just want you to know that.
My Beautiful Serpent of Eden

So much I want to share with you and so little time.

Time? Enough?

Sitting here in my studio, I miss you.
I have had more time with people i did not particularly care for, than with you.
And I did not love them at all.

Goes to show. I reckon.

I have the music and I have forever in my eyes.
I will miss you sorely. Be advised that this is not me cracking.
I do not break easy.
When you hear the call "Broken Arrow"
You will know that I am surely done
But, that is a long way off and I am not done yet.
Like cockroaches we flourish and we move on.
Soldier's work is never done till we die...
Like the angels, we judge and move on

We are never done. We fly.
Fly on.
Fly on my good compadre.
Fly on.
Memory flies with you my most beautiful friend
In my heart I see you spread your wings and lift to the sky
Gentle and easy like
For us up here in these stratified regions
Short of air and little life
We Flourish
We prevail
Ours is the Edge of the World of Mortals
The end of the world of all mortals...
They have no love, nor power, nor sight of life

But we see...
We can seeeeeeeee youoooooooo

Breath of angels
For One thousand yards
Now take a BREATH... my shiny Donna Wife

XX One Kiss Each, Mi Donna Corazon
As always
Did I tell you I love You today? If I did not... I do

Explanation: Donna's Breasts Get... One Kiss Each

Heavens Map Upon Her Back

Donna Darkwolf and The Full Moon

Heavens map is drawn upon her back...

Darkwolf sent me this Youtube link of Luz Casal - whose music she knows I love - we danced to this making dinner. Here it is translated:

"If you have a deep anguish, think of me
If you want to cry, think of me
You see I worship your divine image
your innocent lips that are so childlike
showed me how to sin
Think of me when you suffer
When you cry, also think of me
When you want to, take my life
I don't want it, for anything
I'm good for nothing without you..."

Si tienes un hondo penar
Piensa en mí;
Si tienes ganas de llorar
Piensa en mí.
Ya ves que venero
Tu imagen divina,
Tu inocente boca
Que siendo tan niña,
Me enseñó a besar.
Piensa en mí
Cuando sufras,
Cuando llores
También piensa en mí.
Cuando quieras
Quitarme la vida,
No la quiero para nada,
Para nada me sirve sin ti.

If you have a deep sorrow
Think of me;
If you feel like crying
Think of me.
You see, I see
Your divine image,
Your innocent mouth
That being so young,
You taught me how to kiss.
Think of me
When you suffer,
When you cry
Also think of me.
Take my life,
I do not want it at all,
It does not work for me without you.