Donna Darkwolf, My Hero

"Hemispheres" by Jo Blankenburg and Position Music. At the end you can hear the Foam on the Sea -
That Donna Darkwolf has at last become one with.

I have my Hero, Donna Darkwolf for sundowners at The Winchester, on our way to dinner. Again!

Farewell Eulogy to My Hero Donna Darkwolf

This was the Eulogy I delivered for The Donna Darkwolf - My Bella Strega, my Donna Ragazza Mia, My Shiny Wife...

Let us be clear.

Fiery the Angels Rise. Cold Thunder boils around their shoulders.
Burning with the Fires of Orc.

There is no sorrow here. The Fallen Warrior has no use for your tears.

There is only the glory and valour we bestow upon our heroic Donna Darkwolf.

A proud warrior. A Comrade in Arms. My Best Friend. My Shiny Wife.

The one who had my back - when I was not looking. I Missed a corner. I Didn’t see the trap.

My Scout. My Path-finder. My Detective. My Arch-Priestess.

And perhaps you would have to rely on the Usual Replacement Killer to fix it for you.
(from out of town - of course)

A high-profile Hitter. Highest paid and assured results compliments of Ms. Goodcat.
As opposed to "bad dog".

A Healer. A Scientist and always enjoying a good laugh at my Irony.

We lived thru times where she was the "interchangeable part".

This morning: Accountant. This afternoon: Psychologist. Tonight: Funny Movies.

And now, Donna Darkwolf is a Voyager in The Undiscovered Country:
"We bid our Hero - Hail and Fare Well!"

Donna and I never lost sight of The Mission.

Donna was a secret agent committing espionage in a foreign sovereign territory.
I was no more than the intelligence analyst, assisting her.

Sweet Donna. Aged about 5 or 6. She couldnt remember
The cover photo of a small album she gave me as a gift when I had said to her:
"I wish I knew all the story of your life, Donna Mia!"

She was risking paying the ultimate price - while I compiled the report she needed to complete her Mission.
She thinks I was brightest. Good for her...

Donna was the Brightest Star in my universe. The Valkyrie of my Fantasy.
I witnessed the anguish of her internal torment.

She was Just Better than that!
She.... Was... Beautiful
Like the stream-lined, tireless engine of a limousine.

She rose above her travails
Proud and determined not to be beaten down by her internal storm.
She stepped into that "arena", and fought her way through that storm.

A few weeks later - she "returned from battle".
She reminded me of my gunship returning from some mission.

Bullet-Riddled. Scarred. Dirty and Bloody.
But, Valiant! And Proud! Her wings singing. Her sword SHINY! Held High!

My beloved belongs to the Sky...
But - Lets get back.

Be assured Gravity's Angel always lifted men out of dark places.

Got them away from where the metal meets the meat.

And drew 800 blades a minute

Every time we boarded, we kissed her hot cold skin.

And she took us to places we've never been.
Just as Donna Darkwolf took each of us to "places" we had never been.
When we came in you could hear. . .

Donna's message to me on the inside fly-leaf.

"The Breath of Angels. Everywhere.
For One Thousand Yards."

Wind and fire - everywhere.

And when we lifted out? Victoria!

I was just a young Flight Lieutenant in command of a lethal machine.

I was a machine - Amongst machines.
I know the Loneliness of the Long-Distance Android. So you never have to worry about me.

And when we got back, we could say: If anybody asks us?
"Tell them >> We Were Doing Our Job".....

And when we got back - we kissed her hot cold skin.

We loved her. She saved our skin.

I commanded my angel of gravity. She never missed a beat.

My Real Gravity's Angel, My Bella Donna Ragazza, almost brought me to my knees.

I Definitely, never escaped unscathed. You Got It!

My Angel is a Saint. A Tyrant. And an Imp.

She is at once a Saviour, and a Destroyer of Dreams.

A Calm Sea. And a Furious Hurricane.

A Builder of Destiny.

And worthy of honouring.

Donna also had a wry sense of humour - After all, who else would order a cake in camouflage colour, with a helicopter gunship on it?
Only Donna! My shiny, beautiful wife - and my last best friend.

This is the End. My Beautiful Friend - until I find my Donna one morning... again, strolling casually, in Elysium - with the Sun on her back.

Donna Darkwolf wrote:
"We are like Two Pegs on a Line
Holding our Heart out in the Breeze and The Sun
Our Love fluttering gaily
Never letting go - Holding firm to Our Heart
What chances we take as a Witch and a Soldier

A Birthday Cake Classic

The Cake Donna Commissioned for My 65th Birthday

Donna was my "Gravity's Angel", in the true spirit of a brave warrior.

Forthright. Agile. Fearless.

A symphony. A lilting tune. A proud march. A determination.

My beautiful shiny wife, my Angel is exploring the Undiscovered Country.

It is inappropriate to cry in public for those brave pioneers, path-finders or scouts.

Explorers live by their own terms. Their own judgement

That they might place themselves in harms way, - is not of your concern.

That they do that job at all - is enough reason for you to be mindful.

And Thankful.

If they did not do so... You would have no example of EXCELLENCE AND COURAGE.


You would be nothing more than some sub-human. Cowering in a cave.

Donna got up. Made a Plan. Picked up her weapon...

And set forth


Remember her. Honor her. And bury her well.

She "was a Soldier of Rome", (to quote a line from "Gladiator", one of her favorite movies).

My last good soldier. My only Love and Beautiful Friend.

It was my Honour, and Privilege, to serve beside her.
My beautiful, fiery wife...

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes, again
Can you picture what will be, so limitless and free.

Journey well my friend, for we are the last of our kind.

They need us, and fear us, in one breath.

Witches and Soldiers.

If anyone asks, tell them: "She was doing her job".


With Abiding Respect. And My Enduring Love...

Sempre Fi - Mia Donna Ragazza. My Immortal Beloved Dark Wolf.

Your Ever-Faithful Flight Lieutenant - Moreno Franco
And, let us not forget, ever-willing "Minion!!!" )))


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