“Donna's Theme" by Unknown. If I regard all the girls and women in my life as "Flowers",
Donna Darkwolf is far and away, The Prettiest of Them All.

My Personal Witch. Donna Darkwolf Vos. Arch Priestess and founder of the Pagan / Wiccan Movement -
The Pagan Federation of South Africa - and Founder of The Circle of the African
Author of Dancing Under an African Moon...

Donna Darkwolf -
Once a Witch...

Mission: Spirit of Life

To Be a Witch is To Be Chosen
by Donna Darkwolf. November 2005

The Practice of Witchery

Is as Old as Time.
To be a Witch is To Be Chosen.
A Calling that is Divine.

The Divine Guides the Heart of the Witch.
A Power that comes from Within.
The Witch nurtures this Power.
It is the Centre of Being.
It is the Centre of all That Is.

White and Black Witchery?
The Difference is Very Clear.
Each is Born from Emotions Within.
One is Love...
One is Fear.
Why would a Witch
With Ancient Wisdom of Wise Ways...
Perform Black Magick...
And Acknowledge Being Afraid?
The Ancient Power of the Witch...
Is to Listen to the Wind.

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