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Only You Knew Where to Find Me

From: ‘Donna’ darkwolf@netactive.co.za
Sent: 07 March 2008 08:10 AM
To: 'Franco' morenofranco.design@gmail.com
Subject: only you knew where to find me

Now that I am in Bryanston, living apart from you, I feel so desolate.

Being without you by my side, is very daunting. Oh I have been without you my whole life.

And I have managed very well. I have also managed being away from lovers and last husband, when I have been travelling for my Circle of the African Moon events and affairs.

I have travelled france, italy, england, america, india, japan and egypt 6 times alone.
But none of that ever left me with a hole in my heart.

Like when we first began to live together, and after 2 months I felt that it would be better if we parted ways, because you totally overwhelmed me. And 2 months later you were moving back with me.

Because I knew that I had been afraid of being with you because it would be “forever”.

And I was afraid of “forever” because of my last marriage experience.

But without you, I was even more afraid because now that I had had this beautiful soldier in my life, I could not imagine a life without him.

I know yes he has his flaws. A take-charge-kind-of-guy, but one who gets things done, and does what he says he will. And he smokes.

Well I guess I just have to live with the smoking.

Yet he does what he says he will do.

He NEVER Lies. He never looks after other women. Always watching me. Intent on my facial micro-responses.

And he makes me laugh, and he has taught me to waltz and fandango, and new ways to cook.

And new ways to argue my case in the things I am involved in.

My new set of eyes. My sounding board.

Like poetry for my spirit.

I think of how often we look – but forget to see.

So now I am lying here in my bed thinking about all of this, and thinking about when I will be flying back to CT so we can pack up you and The Wolf and drive back to JHB and I just realised:

Only You Knew Where to Find Me!

Where to find me in my heart and soul, and mind and spirit.

Only you know how to anticipate me, and my tempestuous relationship with this existence in this world.

And when we were wedded and you said: “Proud To Serve All My Days – I serve our love, My Love”.

I knew I was in for a ride on the back of a dragon before that Thief of Time, Nemesis, overtakes us.

It will be my great honour to bring you home to our new house.

With all dispatch.

Once again to sleep beside my soldier

Next to a dangerous man. With his dangerous gun on the floor, beside our bed

Cheerfully Mocking: "The lights are OFF! But SOMEONE   is home... as you kiss me Good Night.

My soldier. We shall live long, and deep, in a short Time. A Witch and a Soldier.

World Enough. And Time… Blood and Fire.

We have all the Time in the World!

After my parents, Cindy has been my best friend all my life through thick and thin and our arguments and fights. I cannot imagine a life without her.

And I cannot imagine a life without you. The only thing we have ever found to make this emptiness bearable, is each other.

I cant wait to see you and drive back to JHB. It will be an adventure!

And to see your face when you see this place will be priceless!

I also know that you will immediately “start organizing”.

Well. I have learned to live with you “organizing”.

I would rather have you organizing, than be without you, by my side.

Oh I have Cindy here all day. The two of us working in our offices.

We each have our own office and phone, which is nice. And Dimitri, Cindy’s husband is in IT, so he has done all our cabling and modem set-up which is why I can now finally send you this e-mail.

Decorating the Academy has kept my mind off you / us most of the time and your stream of calls and sms to tell me you love me or tell me a joke is always a relief from the day’s business.

And send me One Kiss Each – every morning. (referring to my ritual of kissing her breasts, saying: “One Kiss Each”)

Or your random question of have I told you I love you today? When I KNOW that you KNOW you have… So funny!

The Academy Hall is all painted out in MY FIRE ORANGE! Like our bed room was. I have had the lounge / kitchen painted the same orange.
It is open plan. And our massive banquet table and the Afghan carpet look just stunning.

The Academy main, is such a big space and so well lit. With black marble tile floors in the entrance hall and the Main Hall. Our décor is beautiful.
This place is so much bigger than our house, and so everything has more space so it is not as cluttered as the house was.

Your Oxala painting and the Caduceus arrived today. The Caduceus is on a massive wall by itself which is where the Alter is –
and looks magnificent the gold against the orange, and Oxala is on the opposite wall by its self.

The wall facing the parking lot ( yes we have a parking lot you can park 12 cars in) has several windows so I have smaller items
between them as well as the 4 large blue urns.

We have had help decorating and setting up from all our CAM members.

The other “wall” is 3 sets of French doors leading out onto a massive patio that looks out over a massive green lawn towards our cottage and the pool and HUGE oak trees.

The kitchen is almost 3 times the size of ours – plenty of space to prepare and cater for my many events

The kitchen in the cottage is a bit smaller than ours in Durbanville – but I know you will make a plan.

You are such a boy scout. :D

And when you get here I want you to decorate our Meditation Room, because I know that you are the only one who can create what I visualise.

And then I need you to design our huge Academy banner to go on the wall on the street.

But before ANY of that, we HAVE TO make us a curry!

I’ve been eating crap take outs etc.

I want to cook and dance with you in our new kitchen.

As always your immortal beloved Strega Donna Darkwolf.

Make Me Laugh. Make me Weep. Make me Sing. Make me Dance. Make me Forget. Make Me Remember. Make ME LIVE!

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